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How many files ??

Windows Defender told me it scanned 12,843,673 objects !!! Admittedly that included another drive with Win 2008 on it, but that’s still a lot of files.  I noticed that the objects includes the contents of help files including MSDN. Even … Continue reading

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a snake ?

  Nah, a blue tongue lizard. But when you first see them and only see their head or part of their body it’s hard to tell.  I saw this guy while I was cleaning up in one of the windbreaks. … Continue reading

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Update Foxit PDF reader !

If you have Foxit PDF reader, make sure you update to the latest build, V2.3 Build 2923.  This fixes a potential bug in the way script is passed that could lead to a buffer overflow exploit. If you don’t have … Continue reading

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I was reading Kathleen’s recent blog entry about Office and Windows and accessibility. Kathleen was referring to the cases where you don’t have a mouse, only keyboard, and the fact that CTRL+I wasn’t discoverable in that scenario. I have mixed … Continue reading

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Windows 2008 (and Vista) f’ugly

I turn off Aero and themes, and all is good except for the start menu shut down and log-off icons which are just incredibly ugly: Notice the search icon is showed in colour, but the shut down and log-off are … Continue reading

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The trials and tribulations of installing VS 2008 SP1

I wasn’t going to install VS 2008 SP1 Beta on my main development machine until I read a MSDN blog that said the final SP1 will install over the top of it.  So I figure there’s more good in getting … Continue reading

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In the garden : Autumn wrap up

Autumn is here:   In the orchard all the crops are in.  The last was of course the Chestnuts:     As you can see, Chestnuts have a prickly outer shell:     Given this thorny outer defense, I was … Continue reading

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Microsoft continues to treat VB as a 2nd class citizen

It’s bad enough when the Windows Live team continually releases their SDKs omitting VB, but when XNA 3.0 CTP is released and STILL NO VB support, it’s getting beyond a joke.  XNA 3 is for Visual Studio 2008 and lets … Continue reading

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Why developers shouldn’t do tech support…

I got an email inviting me to take part in some great deals on some books from a certain company ( name withheld to protect the innocent).  As the site was new, they were also encouraging some feedback.  As it … Continue reading

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