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Upgrade from Dual Core to Quad

Today I bought an Intel Quad Core Q6600 to replace my old Dual Core.  I was amazed at how easy it is to swap processors.  The box I was upgrading was an old Dell Dimension E520 .. when I say … Continue reading

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Text preview filters for Vista|Windows 2008

I really like the preview pane in explorer in Vista, but it doesn’t have previews for a lot of text based files registered.  You can of course write your own or download and install some other preview filters, but personally … Continue reading

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Booleans and numerics

I was reading Kathleen’s post about what a C# developer needs to know about VB and thought I should clarify the bit about Booleans converted to numerics.  A Boolean in VB when converted to an integer type numeric, will be … Continue reading

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Stairs or ramps ?

(photo courtesy of wikipedia)   As software architects today we are faced with an increasing dilemma of do we design our application to have stairs or ramps.  In building terms, stairs can make a grand visual presence, but provide no … Continue reading

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In the Garden: July 2008

  The wattles are in splendid bloom at present. (above planted in 2005).  The orchard is all quiet except for many awaiting pruning jobs. The veggie patch is over wintering nicely, with carrots, beetroot, silverbeet, celery, bok choi and lettuce … Continue reading

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Bassian Thrush

I noticed these fellas in the front paddock today, and thanks to some very helpful people over at, identified them as Bassian Trush.  If you go to the fact page on them , there’s even a bird call you … Continue reading

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