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VS 2008 SDK available

I’ve been waiting for this update for VS 2008 SDK for VS 2008 SP1.  The link I got fro ma msdn blog post was wrong, so here’s the link to the download page. Enjoy.

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Unsubscribing events: How VB Handles it

Davy Brion posted about how events can keep object references alive.  In C# to rid yourself of this issue you have to manually unwire any event handler you wired.  In VB, it is a lot easier, all you have to … Continue reading

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Apple’s giant font for email

  Via Nancy’s blog, I saw the link about Apple’s claim for accessibility features on the iPhone.  Have a look at this picture of their claimed “Giant font for Mail messages”   Maybe they could have made the picture a … Continue reading

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WPF Toolkit on CodePlex

In case you haven’t seen it, Microsoft is releasing tools for WPF out of cycle as part of the WPF toolkit. Current release includes a CTP of a Data Grid, and a Date Picker and Calendar is planned.

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Joeys on the hop

As I looked out the window this afternoon I spied a young joey out of the pouch.  They’re like puppies, full of energy.  Of course by the time I grabbed the camera and went outside he was back in the … Continue reading

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VS 2008 SP1 Now available to MSDN subscribers

Check out the msdn subscriber homepage.  S   P1 for Visual Studio 2008 English is about 830 MB… downloading at present   🙂   Then I can install SQL 2008 🙂

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Generic Variance Part1 : Do you really need it ?

Lucian has kicked off the conversation on generic variance in VB , so I thought I’d write a few posts outlining my perspectives on the subject… the first of which is this one, and what better place to start than … Continue reading

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Generic variance and List(Of T)

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while, so I thought I should post it, mainly because I want to talk about this and generic variance and arrays in more detail in the days ahead.  The reason … Continue reading

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SQL 2008 + VS 2008 = dll hell

If you have Visual Studio 2008 installed, you can’t install all of the SQL 2008 bits because of shared components for Visual Studio 2008.  SQL 2008 wants to use Visual Studio 2008 SP1 components and that might/will break your Visual … Continue reading

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Running SQL 2008 Upgrade Advisor

I downloaded the SQL 2008 Upgrade Advisor. When I tried to install it I got this :     It says a “Windows service pack” , yet Windows Update tells me my system is up to date.  Well it might … Continue reading

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