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Be warned: Windows Update Extras !!

I was reading a newsgroup posting of someone reporting a problem with “Tinker” on Vista x64.  They said they got it via Windows Update.  Of course I had no idea what Tinker was, so I checked my Windows Update and … Continue reading

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D ??

So if OSLO and the new language for it named “D” are part of Visual Studio, that means we’d have VB, VC++, VC#, and now VD.  I wonder if Visual D and OSLO will still let you use Strongly Typed … Continue reading

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Must be spring.

As I went to get the mail this morning, one of the kangaroos was laying down in the front paddock with her joey standing standing by her side.  And as I typed away on the keyboard, a little wren kept … Continue reading

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.NET 3.5 SP1 source code

When Visual Studio 2008 SP1 was released it didn’t have the source code for the framework like the original version of 2008 had. Well now it has !!  Actually it was released almost two weeks ago.

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Making tuples more friendly

Via Don Box’s blog, I found the preliminary code for a tuple at CodePlex. The tuple is a simple structure containing in this case two values: a double tuple.  It basically looks like this :   Structure Tuple(Of TFirst, TSecond) … Continue reading

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