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Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos

  I’ve been wanting to get some photos of these magnificent birds for some time now.  I think the recent heat wave made them less likely to fly off. These guys come and eat/shred the dead protea flowers, which really … Continue reading

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One Sentence

Came across this site today: Enjoy 🙂

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Centaurium sp.

That pink flowered weed I posted yesterday is likely to be a member of the Centaurium genus.   I’m guessing at Centaurium pulchellum. (Century). “pulchellum” coming from the Latin word pulchellus meaning beautiful Centarium is said to be from Greek … Continue reading

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a note on content:

I got this note from Julie I liked so much I just had to share : Pretty flowers…good Screaming bunnies…bad 🙂

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WARNING: If you’re feeling squeamish, please don’t read any further. Most of you have probably heard of the film “The Rabbit Proof” fence. The fence is a striking symbology of the mistakes we’ve made, and the often flawed later attempts … Continue reading

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In the garden : late Jan 2009

The weather forecast for the next few days is record highs, so I took the opportunity to take a few snaps now before the heat wave sets in.  Some of the predictions are for a one in a hundred year … Continue reading

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Work around for MsChart and bug

Last month (December 2008), Microsoft released some security updates for VB6 components such as the MS Chart control The first update updates MS Chart to  The second update  updates MSChart to Both these versions have a … Continue reading

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VB.Net and splash screens

One of the nice things about the My application framework in VB.NET is the ability to easily show splash screens.  The splash screen is displayed using a separate thread and by default will close when your main form’s Load event … Continue reading

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Extension methods and Interfaces.

A comment by Joe Duffy on the Framework Guidelines for Extension says : Extension methods can also be used to provide actual concrete method implementations for interfaces. And this is a very important point. In .NET there is no support … Continue reading

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Looking for a new job ?

Queensland tourism has a six month position open: The Island Caretaker will need to post a weekly blog, photo diaries and create video updates to let the world know about the unique experiences available on the Islands of the Great … Continue reading

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