WinFS …. It’s b-a-a-a-ck ??

Some of you may recall the talk of a new file management system in the days leading up to Vista when Vista was called Longhorn.  WinFS was an object model/database.. in fact much of that seemed like a spin off from object spaces, which of course many of us know has itself spun off into the Entity Framework.   WinFS however never saw the light of day (and really neither did Object Spaces): it was cancelled prior to Vista being released.  Cancelled, not killed.  😉

So today I was playing with Windows 7 (available now on MSDN for MSDN subscribers) and started reading the 7.0 Beta Platform SDK.  I had noticed “Libraries” in explorer and didn’t give it much thought thinking it was just those folks renaming folders like they seem to do with each release.  But as I waded through the compatibility documents I read this :

The Library is itself a file, and not a folder.

A what ?  A file ???  Seems this new virtual folder is some sort of database/datastore.. perhaps even an object model ?


Answers to all this and more in the next amazing episode of first looks at the Windows 7 SDK 😉

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  1.   caze on January 12th, 2009          

    Libraries have nothing to do with WinFS, a library file is just an xml file containing the paths of the folders to be aggregated in the library.

  2.   bill on January 12th, 2009