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When ….

VB has a lot of high level features other .Net languages, in particular C# don’t.  Sadly these are often overlooked by some developers because other languages like C# don’t have them – the lowest common denominator syndrome.  This is sad … Continue reading

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Back from Alexandra

Got back early Sunday morning from Alexandra complex. While there we stayed at what we dubbed the “Alexandra Hilton” I think only half those tents were there when we first got there, but new ones were going up all the … Continue reading

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Fires update: Thank you :)

When I got home last night I had a heap of emails and messenger notes from family, friends and colleagues expressing concerned over the fires.  Thank you !  I did try to reply to everyone, but I was tired and … Continue reading

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a time to cry …

If you haven’t seen the news, we’ve had the worst weekend in history here.  Highest ever recorded temperatures (>46C or 115F)combined with winds averaging over 90 km/hr in places and gusting higher created massive fire storms, killing many (over 85 … Continue reading

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Snippet Editor 2.1 screen-cast

I’ve just uploaded a new screen cast: Snippet Editor Tips and Tricks Enjoy 🙂 (oh and don’t forget the “buy me a beer” button)

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New release of Snippet Editor

Snippet Editor 2.1 is now released on codeplex:   Apart from the few minor bug fixes, it includes improved search and now support for Visual Studio 2010 as well as 2008 and 2005. I’ve also added a “buy me … Continue reading

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Iterators in VB 10 ?

Although VB 10 won’t have a formal syntax for iterators, it will have all the necessary ingredients to easily write iterators. In VB10 you can use a generic template and multi line lambdas to create iterators. This iterator in C# … Continue reading

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In the garden: January 2009 update.

Last week I posted my “In the garden” post for January: that was before the heat wave came and hit. Since then we had record high temperatures for here, up to 45 C (113 F). We had three days in … Continue reading

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