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The floppy: It’s back …….

In breaking news today Microsoft announced it will be releasing Windows 7 and Office 2010 on floppy disk !  Microsoft said it heard complaints from customers that their old floppy drives were made obsolete because Microsoft didn’t release software on … Continue reading

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In the garden: March 2009

It’s been a very strange season this year. A cold start, then some massive heat waves. autumn is shaping up to feel normal, and also lovely weather. The hot spells brought some veggies season to an early end: in particular … Continue reading

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Microsoft: make VB like C#

I was reading yet another VB versus C# rant: I don’t want to get sucked into wading into that, but I will say that anyone who thinks folks that use VB can’t use C# has really got things back the … Continue reading

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String.IsNullOrEmpty : update on that nasty null reference exception

Back in April 2006, I blogged about a nasty JIT compiler optimisation that would cause String.IsNullOrEmpty to throw a null reference exception;  ironic really given that is the very thing you’d use the IsNullOrEmpty method to check against.  Well since … Continue reading

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