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Here Kitty, Kitty… KittyHawk

I was having a quiet coffee this Sunday morning, catching up on some emails, when some strange feline contexts took over my email. The first was a “MEEEEOOOW. LOL” post someone had posted on my facebook page. The next was … Continue reading

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New camera : Sony DSC TX5

So I spoilt myself yesterday with a new camera, a Sony DSC TX5.  It’s small, slightly water proof (10 foot), and fits in my pocket easily. It’s a little awkward to hold at first but I’m adapting to it. Controls … Continue reading

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.NET 4 is on windows update !

Today I was running windows update on some virtual machines, and noticed that .NET 4 Client Profile is available via windows update.  Seems it was released to windows update in June. For Windows XP the update is optional. For Windows … Continue reading

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The Apple Spin . . .

There’s just so much wrong with Apple’s current iPhone spin; it really spells out a much bigger problem. First, as you all probably know, Apple first denied and tried to belittle customers problems with the iPhone’s antenna design.  Today they … Continue reading

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Station Beach and Rainbow Falls

The weather on Sunday was mild so we decided to head out for a hike along the Great Ocean Walk, from Cape Otway to Aire River taking in Station Beach and Rainbow Falls (see map) The walking track is through … Continue reading

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