.NET 4 is on windows update !

Today I was running windows update on some virtual machines, and noticed that .NET 4 Client Profile is available via windows update.  Seems it was released to windows update in June.

For Windows XP the update is optional. For Windows 7 and Vista the update is recommended.  What this basically means is for XP users they will typically need to run windows update and select .NET 4 from the optional updates:



For Vista and Windows 7 the download and installation will be automatic if you select to automatically download recommended updates.

One great thing about .NET 4 is the installation is a breeze, especially in comparison to previous versions of the framework; distributing .NET 3.5 was a really a pain as it had dependencies on .NET 2 and the 3.0 additions. .NET 4 is a standalone installation with no other dependencies on earlier frameworks; it also runs side by side with earlier versions even in COM.

If you are running Windows Server (2003 or 2008), windows update will list the .NET 4 Framework as an optional update. Note: this is the full framework as opposed to the client profile.

If you prefer to download and install the full profile on XP, Vista or Windows 7, you’ll still need to go to the Microsoft download site. Currently you can download a Web Installer that then goes and gets the bits you need, or a full installation which includes both x64 (64 bit) and x86 (32 bit) versions:

.NET 4 Client Profile Web Install

.NET 4 Client Profile Standalone Installer (Full Download)

.NET 4 Full Framework Web Install

.NET 4 Full Framework Standalone Installer (Full Download)


So far I haven’t had any problems with distribution of .NET 4. The installs have all been really smooth.  Now of course I can also point clients directly to windows update, making life even easier 🙂