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Windows Phone Virtual Keyboards

Windows Phone 7 comes with about 57 different input scopes you can use (there’s actually 62 or so, but 5 of them give an exception when loaded).  The two most important scopes are Text and TelephoneNumber. TelephoneNumber gives you the … Continue reading

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My Windows Phone 7 Xmas wish list

As much as I like Windows Phone 7, there’s some really key areas that are missing. The following is my xmas wish list : 1.  Give me my compass back. When I bought my HTC Mozart, I did so with … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 7 does COM ??

Wow, seems Windows Phone 7 supports COM inside !  Chris Walsh has been doing some “investigating” into the inners of Windows Phone 7.  Interesting, but also totally not usable in any production application.

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Reflector and Windows Phone 7

If you’re like me and like to open reflector from the Visual Studio Tools menu, you’ll probably have noticed that you need to have a different configuration (or list) of assemblies when developing with Windows Phone 7.  To make it … Continue reading

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HTC Mozart camera photos

The HTC Mozart has an 8 mega-pixel camera built in. The following are some of the photos I have taken with it. All in all, I would say it is okay as a camera, but really it is a phone … Continue reading

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Help Library Manager and error 0x80190194

Yesterday I noticed that the Windows Phone content had been updated online, but my local help library didn’t have the new content. So I thought I’d just open up Help Library Manager and update my local content. Sadly it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Too many hyperlinks in your XAML ?

If you are editing XAML code in Visual Studio and seeing a lot of the code underlined as a hyperlink, the problem is you most likely have the “Enable single-click URL navigation” option selected.  It is best if you uncheck … Continue reading

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PDC 2010 Sessions

You can view PDC 2010 sessions online at , but you can also download sessions to view later or copy over to your windows 7 phone The sessions info is all online in one nice big XML file : … Continue reading

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