iPhone 5 design: where’s the intimacy ?

Smart phones are one of the most intimate devices we own. We take them with us so many places throughout the day, be it in a pocket, bag or purse. We hold them so many times during the day. And at night we often take them to bed with us, usually leaving them on the bedside table. These are computers that have become companion devices, smart devices. Yet in a world of wireless technologies, devices of old still require to be plugged in regularly. Rather than adopt new wireless charging integration, the iPhone 5 designers came up with a new plug design, meaning you’ll have to continually watch your battery life and remember to plug it in: in essence you’ll have to continue to change it’s nappies. It’s infantile.

If you look at the intimacy we have with our smart phones, you’ll probably notice we are often slaves to battery life. Yes it really is like toilet training the phone, trying to pre-empt when it’ll need its next visit to the outlet. Wireless charging changes that. When you put your phone down by your bed it’s charging. Put the phone in your car’s console: it’s charging. Put the phone on your desk or on the table at a coffee shop or airport lounge: it’s charging. No cables, no plugs, no adapters, no having to constantly monitor and remember when to change the nappy.

iPhone 5 doesn’t have this. It is an epic fail. The new “lightning” plug adds to the epic fail.

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