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Nokia adds vcard support to Windows Phone 7.5

Recently Nokia rolled out a couple of updates for Lumia owners including an OS update that provides tethering support for Lumia 800’s, and some cool camera extras that provides a great group photo merge.  Nokia also released a “Contacts Share” … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Windows Phone 8 an update for Nokia Lumia’s ?

Yesterday’s announcement of Windows Phone 8 not being an upgrade for the latest Nokia phones, including Lumia 800, 900 et al, has been met understandably with both disappointment and anger from many existing handset owners. I’ve also seen some articles/comments … Continue reading

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What I’d really like in a phone

The software a phone runs is important but the hardware is even more so. My current day to day phone is the Lumia 800, and the previous one was a HTC mozart. To me the difference is massive. The lumia … Continue reading

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Rotate your Calculator on Windows Phone

Today I has having some discussions over the right roof pitch for a car port, so I grabbed my phone, rotated it and did some quick trigonometry.  Ten minutes later I tried to do the same and I could only … Continue reading

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VB Quark #3: operator differences in VB/C#

Can you spot the problem with this code:    <Extension()>    Public Function ToColor(argb As UInteger) As Color       Return Color.FromArgb( _                       CType((argb & &HFF000000) >> &H18, Byte), _                       CType((argb & &HFF0000) >> &H10, Byte), _                       CType((argb & &HFF00) >> 8, … Continue reading

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Windows Phone Mango and multiple google calendars

With Windows Phone 7.5 (aka Mango) being released in the next couple of weeks, you may have to work around a google limitation to get multiple google calendars on your device. Both Windows Phone 7.5 and google calendar allow you … Continue reading

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VB Windows Phone Toolkit Aug 11 sample

The Silverlight Windows Phone Toolkit August 2011 (7.1 SDK) doesn’t contain a working VB sample.  If you try to load the VB sample that does ship, you’ll get hundreds of errors.  So I put together the VB sample that should … Continue reading

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Bug synchronising contact with Windows Phone 7

I had one of those weird bugs on my windows phone 7 where the phone would report an error 800C0069 and would fail to synchronize on the primary account. This can be a major headache as there is no way … Continue reading

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Windows Phone Virtual Keyboards

Windows Phone 7 comes with about 57 different input scopes you can use (there’s actually 62 or so, but 5 of them give an exception when loaded).  The two most important scopes are Text and TelephoneNumber. TelephoneNumber gives you the … Continue reading

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My Windows Phone 7 Xmas wish list

As much as I like Windows Phone 7, there’s some really key areas that are missing. The following is my xmas wish list : 1.  Give me my compass back. When I bought my HTC Mozart, I did so with … Continue reading

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