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Windows 8, actually.

The North American TechEd videos are online now. The keynote from Day 2 is about Windows 8 and is worth watching. Actually, whilst watching the day 2 keynote see if you can count the times “actually” is used, actually        … Continue reading

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Windows 8 mail app

My first impressions of the windows 8 mail application … Accounts : The mail app seemed to work straight away with my @live account, and looks like it will offer good synchronisation with multiple accounts however I am unable to … Continue reading

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Lightswitch suddenly becomes relevant

The LightSwitch team announced that LightSwitch will render to HTML5 + javascript. This is huge in expanding and liberating the client requirements including mobile devices !! see the LightSwitch team blog for more details ..

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windows 8 likes and dislikes

There’s a lot to like in windows 8 preview: it’s easy to see how windows 8 will be a hit on tablet devices; there’s massive synergy with windows phone; the built in windows live experience combined with your settings in … Continue reading

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