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PDC 2010 Sessions

You can view PDC 2010 sessions online at , but you can also download sessions to view later or copy over to your windows 7 phone The sessions info is all online in one nice big XML file : … Continue reading

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VB 9 or later has a particular feature that can make life easier in some circumstances: the compiler allows you to access indexed items on non indexed enumerables.   Let’s say you have code such as: Dim items as IEnumerable(Of String) … Continue reading

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Iterators: a flag for simplification ?

A couple of months ago I blogged about iterators in VB (or the lack there-of), and pointed folks to an article I wrote for Visual Studio magazine that provides snippets and templates to help with iterators in VB. One of … Continue reading

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Xelement : more Value in that Value !!

XML is very flexible and somewhat permissive in what it allows. Consider this piece of XML:       el = <item>some values<first>one</first><second>two</second></item>   The element named item can contain both child elements and a text value.  Thankfully this kind of XML … Continue reading

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What we have here is a failure to communicate

you can tell from the title there’s a Friday rant coming can’t you ?  Well yeh, sometimes what should be a simple task of writing code becomes painstakingly slow.  Take for example this one line of code:   Dim doc … Continue reading

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VS 2008 SP1 Now available to MSDN subscribers

Check out the msdn subscriber homepage.  S   P1 for Visual Studio 2008 English is about 830 MB… downloading at present   🙂   Then I can install SQL 2008 🙂

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Generic Variance Part1 : Do you really need it ?

Lucian has kicked off the conversation on generic variance in VB , so I thought I’d write a few posts outlining my perspectives on the subject… the first of which is this one, and what better place to start than … Continue reading

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Generic variance and List(Of T)

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while, so I thought I should post it, mainly because I want to talk about this and generic variance and arrays in more detail in the days ahead.  The reason … Continue reading

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Are iterators fundamentally flawed ?

It seems apparent that with computers as we currently know them, processors are now set to scale out not up.. that is, clock speeds aren’t rapidly growing, and certainly not doubling every year or two, instead the number of processors … Continue reading

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SQL Timestamps

I was just reading a work around for timestamps with LINQ or WCF, and I must be stupid, but I just don’t get it. In fact, ever since dotnet came out mapping timestamp to a byte array or SqlBinary, I … Continue reading

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