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.NET 4 is on windows update !

Today I was running windows update on some virtual machines, and noticed that .NET 4 Client Profile is available via windows update.  Seems it was released to windows update in June. For Windows XP the update is optional. For Windows … Continue reading

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Work around for MsChart and bug

Last month (December 2008), Microsoft released some security updates for VB6 components such as the MS Chart control The first update updates MS Chart to  The second update  updates MSChart to Both these versions have a … Continue reading

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Registered Organization on 64 bit

When I’ve started new Visual Studio projects on my Vista x64 box, the Company field would always show up as “Microsoft”… somewhat presumptuous and definitely annoying.  At first I thought the problem was with the templates, but upon inspection they … Continue reading

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Be warned: Windows Update Extras !!

I was reading a newsgroup posting of someone reporting a problem with “Tinker” on Vista x64.  They said they got it via Windows Update.  Of course I had no idea what Tinker was, so I checked my Windows Update and … Continue reading

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SQL 2008 + VS 2008 = dll hell

If you have Visual Studio 2008 installed, you can’t install all of the SQL 2008 bits because of shared components for Visual Studio 2008.  SQL 2008 wants to use Visual Studio 2008 SP1 components and that might/will break your Visual … Continue reading

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Running SQL 2008 Upgrade Advisor

I downloaded the SQL 2008 Upgrade Advisor. When I tried to install it I got this :     It says a “Windows service pack” , yet Windows Update tells me my system is up to date.  Well it might … Continue reading

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Upgrade from Dual Core to Quad

Today I bought an Intel Quad Core Q6600 to replace my old Dual Core.  I was amazed at how easy it is to swap processors.  The box I was upgrading was an old Dell Dimension E520 .. when I say … Continue reading

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Text preview filters for Vista|Windows 2008

I really like the preview pane in explorer in Vista, but it doesn’t have previews for a lot of text based files registered.  You can of course write your own or download and install some other preview filters, but personally … Continue reading

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How many files ??

Windows Defender told me it scanned 12,843,673 objects !!! Admittedly that included another drive with Win 2008 on it, but that’s still a lot of files.  I noticed that the objects includes the contents of help files including MSDN. Even … Continue reading

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Windows 2008 (and Vista) f’ugly

I turn off Aero and themes, and all is good except for the start menu shut down and log-off icons which are just incredibly ugly: Notice the search icon is showed in colour, but the shut down and log-off are … Continue reading

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