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Memory mapped files and pointers… or not ???

Last week I was in Seattle for the MVP summit. Whilst there I saw a brief presentation from Joe Kunk on Memory Mapped files in .NET 4. I suggested to Joe that perhaps pointers might give a performance boost. Then … Continue reading

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Saving and transferring customisations

I got an email from a reader last week asking about saving customisations in Visual Studio: Hi Bill I read an excellent article by you Just wondering if you know of a way to export those customisations so I … Continue reading

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Iterators in VB 10 ?

Although VB 10 won’t have a formal syntax for iterators, it will have all the necessary ingredients to easily write iterators. In VB10 you can use a generic template and multi line lambdas to create iterators. This iterator in C# … Continue reading

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Generic variance and List(Of T)

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while, so I thought I should post it, mainly because I want to talk about this and generic variance and arrays in more detail in the days ahead.  The reason … Continue reading

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Least among equals ?

Patrick Meader writes on the divide between VB and C# inside Microsoft, and raises an interesting question. My response is probably going to be lengthy; more than I have time for at present. In the meanwhile, what do you think of … Continue reading

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What’s new in VB 2008

Visual Studio magazine’s January On VB column, by your’s truly, has a quick reference guide to what’s new in VB 2008.  The guide includes links to earlier articles that provide more in depth information on specific features.   Errata for … Continue reading

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Cleaning up your XML literal namespaces

If you use XML literals in your code, adding one to another: Dim e1 = <a:books></a:books>dim e2 = <a:book></a:book>e1.Add(e2)You will have the xmlns declaration repeated in each of the elements, when really it is only needed once per the document … Continue reading

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Snippet Editor 2008 release

I’ve updated the Snippet editor to work with Visual Studio 2008 and 2005 releases.  Note this release requires .NET 3.5.   Changes/fixes: Added 2008 product range to the list of products Fixed replacement of the install root variable for Visual … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Expression Trees

I just finished writing an article about Expression Trees for Visual Studio Magazine (aka VBPJ) and there seemed to be some “holes” that I think should be plugged.  An expression tree is basically a descriptive way of representing a lambda … Continue reading

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Extension methods on VSM

My article about Extension methods is now on the web. Unfortunately an edit I made didn’t make it into the print version (and the web version is the same as the print). The problem was as I looked at the … Continue reading

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