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Why isn’t Windows Phone 8 an update for Nokia Lumia’s ?

Yesterday’s announcement of Windows Phone 8 not being an upgrade for the latest Nokia phones, including Lumia 800, 900 et al, has been met understandably with both disappointment and anger from many existing handset owners. I’ve also seen some articles/comments … Continue reading

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Rotate your Calculator on Windows Phone

Today I has having some discussions over the right roof pitch for a car port, so I grabbed my phone, rotated it and did some quick trigonometry.  Ten minutes later I tried to do the same and I could only … Continue reading

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a little help for volunteers

Today Microsoft announced an even more generous program designed to help non-profit organisations !!   Kudos guys!!!!   Thanks

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Great Ocean Walk photos added

Last weekend we strolled around Glen Aire, along the Great Ocean Walk from Castle Cove to Johanna:       More photos at:

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Dell XPS 17 (L702x) review

I recently bought a Dell XPS17 (L702x) and thought I’d post a review for those considering purchasing this notebook. There’s a massive thread about all things good and bad in relation to this notebook over on notebook forums; the following … Continue reading

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Bug synchronising contact with Windows Phone 7

I had one of those weird bugs on my windows phone 7 where the phone would report an error 800C0069 and would fail to synchronize on the primary account. This can be a major headache as there is no way … Continue reading

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Power efficiency, but at what cost ?

My old’ish LCD monitor chews about 50 to 55 watts; the new LED backlight monitors of the same size use about 30 Watts. That’s roughly HALF the power !!  But when I do the sums, assuming the monitor is on … Continue reading

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HTC Mozart camera photos

The HTC Mozart has an 8 mega-pixel camera built in. The following are some of the photos I have taken with it. All in all, I would say it is okay as a camera, but really it is a phone … Continue reading

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Port Douglas

Recently I holidayed for ten days at Port Douglas:     Port Douglas is about 70 km North of Cairns, nearby the Daintree Rainforest and with the Great Barrier Reef reasonably close off shore. The town is basically a tourist … Continue reading

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New camera : Sony DSC TX5

So I spoilt myself yesterday with a new camera, a Sony DSC TX5.  It’s small, slightly water proof (10 foot), and fits in my pocket easily. It’s a little awkward to hold at first but I’m adapting to it. Controls … Continue reading

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