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iPhone 5 design: where’s the intimacy ?

Smart phones are one of the most intimate devices we own. We take them with us so many places throughout the day, be it in a pocket, bag or purse. We hold them so many times during the day. And … Continue reading

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Apple and Neil Armstrong

Last week Neil Armstrong passed away. He was part of an era in which innovation truly thrived. Profoundly back in 1969 he said “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” . The space race drove innovation … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Windows Phone 8 an update for Nokia Lumia’s ?

Yesterday’s announcement of Windows Phone 8 not being an upgrade for the latest Nokia phones, including Lumia 800, 900 et al, has been met understandably with both disappointment and anger from many existing handset owners. I’ve also seen some articles/comments … Continue reading

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Private Class Variables

Cory Smith has a set of posts on some of the differences between VB6 and VB10.There’s one which I think needs a bit further clarification: Private Class Variables. In VB7 and later, you can access private class variables from another … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 7 : 6 months later

I’ve had my HTC Mozart for about 6 months now, so I thought I’d give an update of my thoughts about it and Windows Phone 7. The first set of WP7 updates were really slow to roll-out here in Australia … Continue reading

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Power efficiency, but at what cost ?

My old’ish LCD monitor chews about 50 to 55 watts; the new LED backlight monitors of the same size use about 30 Watts. That’s roughly HALF the power !!  But when I do the sums, assuming the monitor is on … Continue reading

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Garmin false advertising

I bought a new garmin gps in the weekend. Garmin was (and still is at the time of writing this) advertising the unit as having free downloads for school zones, and as having red light cameras etc. From their web: … Continue reading

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The Apple Spin . . .

There’s just so much wrong with Apple’s current iPhone spin; it really spells out a much bigger problem. First, as you all probably know, Apple first denied and tried to belittle customers problems with the iPhone’s antenna design.  Today they … Continue reading

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People need protection from themselves

It’s amazing how many people fall for scams and social engineering tricks on the internet. Some may remember the classic “I Love you” virus from back at the start of the century: it infected 50 million users within a week … Continue reading

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Windows crash recovery

Last night I accidentally pulled out the wrong power plugs, crashing my computer. For some reason this meant it wouldn’t start properly. I don’t quite get why that would mean it wouldn’t start as the hard disc didn’t fail, but … Continue reading

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