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Saving and transferring customisations

I got an email from a reader last week asking about saving customisations in Visual Studio: Hi Bill I read an excellent article by you Just wondering if you know of a way to export those customisations so I … Continue reading

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Updates on the Snippet Editor

First the good news : The February release of the Snippet Editor has now had 10,000 downloads ! Now for bug fix news: There were a couple of issues with the paths per language.  A problem with Express Editions of … Continue reading

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String.IsNullOrEmpty : update on that nasty null reference exception

Back in April 2006, I blogged about a nasty JIT compiler optimisation that would cause String.IsNullOrEmpty to throw a null reference exception;  ironic really given that is the very thing you’d use the IsNullOrEmpty method to check against.  Well since … Continue reading

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When ….

VB has a lot of high level features other .Net languages, in particular C# don’t.  Sadly these are often overlooked by some developers because other languages like C# don’t have them – the lowest common denominator syndrome.  This is sad … Continue reading

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Snippet Editor 2.1 screen-cast

I’ve just uploaded a new screen cast: Snippet Editor Tips and Tricks Enjoy (oh and don’t forget the “buy me a beer” button)

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New release of Snippet Editor

Snippet Editor 2.1 is now released on codeplex:   Apart from the few minor bug fixes, it includes improved search and now support for Visual Studio 2010 as well as 2008 and 2005. I’ve also added a “buy me … Continue reading

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Iterators in VB 10 ?

Although VB 10 won’t have a formal syntax for iterators, it will have all the necessary ingredients to easily write iterators. In VB10 you can use a generic template and multi line lambdas to create iterators. This iterator in C# … Continue reading

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VB.Net and splash screens

One of the nice things about the My application framework in VB.NET is the ability to easily show splash screens.  The splash screen is displayed using a separate thread and by default will close when your main form’s Load event … Continue reading

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Extension methods and Interfaces.

A comment by Joe Duffy on the Framework Guidelines for Extension says : Extension methods can also be used to provide actual concrete method implementations for interfaces. And this is a very important point. In .NET there is no support … Continue reading

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So what is a “Library” ?

Earlier I posted what I hope wetted your appetite for some more info about Libraries in Windows 7.  So  what are libraries you ask//I ask 😉 Well I hope the following provides some insight.  caveat emptor: this is still just … Continue reading

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