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Why a little bit of VB is a bad bad thing

Scott Hanselman posted about VB6 and showed a snippet of code : Public Function Fib(ByVal n As Integer) As Integer     Fib = IIf (n < 2, n, Fib(n-1) + Fib(n-2)) End Function What Scott probably didn’t realize that the … Continue reading

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VB Quark #3: operator differences in VB/C#

Can you spot the problem with this code:    <Extension()>    Public Function ToColor(argb As UInteger) As Color       Return Color.FromArgb( _                       CType((argb & &HFF000000) >> &H18, Byte), _                       CType((argb & &HFF0000) >> &H10, Byte), _                       CType((argb & &HFF00) >> 8, … Continue reading

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Bug synchronising contact with Windows Phone 7

I had one of those weird bugs on my windows phone 7 where the phone would report an error 800C0069 and would fail to synchronize on the primary account. This can be a major headache as there is no way … Continue reading

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Banks got hexed !!

If it wasn’t true, a software bug in EFTPOS machines from the Bank Of Queensland (and others) would be pretty funny.  Problem is *most likely* they are treating the year as a two digit date (watch out come 2100 !!!), … Continue reading

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String.IsNullOrEmpty : update on that nasty null reference exception

Back in April 2006, I blogged about a nasty JIT compiler optimisation that would cause String.IsNullOrEmpty to throw a null reference exception;  ironic really given that is the very thing you’d use the IsNullOrEmpty method to check against.  Well since … Continue reading

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Work around for MsChart and bug

Last month (December 2008), Microsoft released some security updates for VB6 components such as the MS Chart control The first update updates MS Chart to  The second update  updates MSChart to Both these versions have a … Continue reading

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VB.Net and splash screens

One of the nice things about the My application framework in VB.NET is the ability to easily show splash screens.  The splash screen is displayed using a separate thread and by default will close when your main form’s Load event … Continue reading

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Fixing explorer in Vista

One of the most annoying things I have found about Vista is the file explorer. It constantly changes the views of folders and way too often sets the columns in a folder as if the folder contains photos when it … Continue reading

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More on XML Namespaces in VB….

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about XML Namespace issues in VB: one in particular was to do with namespace declarations being repeated in the output XML.  In those cases we only looked at common namespaces for the entire … Continue reading

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XML namespace prefix ‘xmlns’ is not defined

When working with VB9 you may get this cryptic error :XML namespace prefix ‘xmlns’ is not defined If you are using only default namespaces you can fix this by including a definition for the xmlns as an Import statement or … Continue reading

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