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Too many hyperlinks in your XAML ?

If you are editing XAML code in Visual Studio and seeing a lot of the code underlined as a hyperlink, the problem is you most likely have the “Enable single-click URL navigation” option selected.  It is best if you uncheck … Continue reading

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Here Kitty, Kitty… KittyHawk

I was having a quiet coffee this Sunday morning, catching up on some emails, when some strange feline contexts took over my email. The first was a “MEEEEOOOW. LOL” post someone had posted on my facebook page. The next was … Continue reading

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WPF Toolkit on CodePlex

In case you haven’t seen it, Microsoft is releasing tools for WPF out of cycle as part of the WPF toolkit. Current release includes a CTP of a Data Grid, and a Date Picker and Calendar is planned.

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