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iPhone 5 design: where’s the intimacy ?

Smart phones are one of the most intimate devices we own. We take them with us so many places throughout the day, be it in a pocket, bag or purse. We hold them so many times during the day. And … Continue reading

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Apple and Neil Armstrong

Last week Neil Armstrong passed away. He was part of an era in which innovation truly thrived. Profoundly back in 1969 he said “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” . The space race drove innovation … Continue reading

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Windows 8, actually.

The North American TechEd videos are online now. The keynote from Day 2 is about Windows 8 and is worth watching. Actually, whilst watching the day 2 keynote see if you can count the times “actually” is used, actually        … Continue reading

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Windows 8 mail app

My first impressions of the windows 8 mail application … Accounts : The mail app seemed to work straight away with my @live account, and looks like it will offer good synchronisation with multiple accounts however I am unable to … Continue reading

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What I’d really like in a phone

The software a phone runs is important but the hardware is even more so. My current day to day phone is the Lumia 800, and the previous one was a HTC mozart. To me the difference is massive. The lumia … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 11 ALL CAPS

The following is my response to the VS blog post about the design for all caps in top level menus: First off, why would you want to add *EMPHASIS* to menus when the design philosophy stated for the new … Continue reading

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Rotate your Calculator on Windows Phone

Today I has having some discussions over the right roof pitch for a car port, so I grabbed my phone, rotated it and did some quick trigonometry.  Ten minutes later I tried to do the same and I could only … Continue reading

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Visual Studio toolbar

The beta of Visual Studio 11 is causing a lot of feedback around the grey shade icons.  The use of colour or not has also brought to the forefront the UI for colour-blind people.  So I thought I’d post a … Continue reading

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Displaying Dates in VS 2010

From time to time there’s discussion about the way dates are displayed in the Visual Studio IDE for Visual Basic. Typically dates are shown using VB’s date literal syntax of #MM/dd/yyyy# which is the standard US format.  For people outside … Continue reading

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Dell XPS 17 (L702x) review

I recently bought a Dell XPS17 (L702x) and thought I’d post a review for those considering purchasing this notebook. There’s a massive thread about all things good and bad in relation to this notebook over on notebook forums; the following … Continue reading

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