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Windows Phone Virtual Keyboards

Windows Phone 7 comes with about 57 different input scopes you can use (there’s actually 62 or so, but 5 of them give an exception when loaded).  The two most important scopes are Text and TelephoneNumber. TelephoneNumber gives you the … Continue reading

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My Windows Phone 7 Xmas wish list

As much as I like Windows Phone 7, there’s some really key areas that are missing. The following is my xmas wish list : 1.  Give me my compass back. When I bought my HTC Mozart, I did so with … Continue reading

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PDC 2010 Sessions

You can view PDC 2010 sessions online at , but you can also download sessions to view later or copy over to your windows 7 phone The sessions info is all online in one nice big XML file : … Continue reading

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IE 9 Beta 1: First impressions

Some thoughts about IE 9: I like the merging of the address and search bars. It would be nice if you could select the search provider by keystroke, at present you have to use the mouse. Eg ALT+1 or give … Continue reading

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.NET 4 is on windows update !

Today I was running windows update on some virtual machines, and noticed that .NET 4 Client Profile is available via windows update.  Seems it was released to windows update in June. For Windows XP the update is optional. For Windows … Continue reading

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Windows Virtual PC now on MSDN

If you’ve got Windows 7 installed, the Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 is now on MSDN subscriber downloads !!! I had the Release Candidate (RC) installed, so had to uninstall that first and reboot before installing the RTM release. … Continue reading

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Windows crash recovery

Last night I accidentally pulled out the wrong power plugs, crashing my computer. For some reason this meant it wouldn’t start properly. I don’t quite get why that would mean it wouldn’t start as the hard disc didn’t fail, but … Continue reading

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Expression 3 is on MSDN

With all the focus on Windows 7 RTM announcements, the availability of Expression 3 on the MSDN site last Thursday may have sneaked under folks radars.  For MSND subscribers, grab your copy of Expression 3.

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So what is a “Library” ?

Earlier I posted what I hope wetted your appetite for some more info about Libraries in Windows 7.  So  what are libraries you ask//I ask 😉 Well I hope the following provides some insight.  caveat emptor: this is still just … Continue reading

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OOXML is in wordpad !!

I downloaded a .docx file to my Windows 7 VPC, and thought I would have to copy it over to where I had Word installed.  But much to my delight, Wordpad in Windows 7 recognizes and opens .docx files.  🙂 … Continue reading

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