October 2008

The book Code Leader, written by Patrick Cauldwell, tries to get any leader of a project in any type of role up to speed on the latest technologies, concepts, or decisions that a code leader has to go through, such as build vs. buy, whether TDD practices are practical, or the value of limiting dependencies. […]

ASP.NET AJAX is a popular topic these days, from web service calls to server/client components.  There are many facets to this framework, and this book covers the client-side components.  The layout of the book is pretty consistent.  It delves into the client code, illustrating what the underlying architecture code looks like and operates. This book […]

On October 25th, I will be speaking at the Central Maryland .NET user group at their code camp.  The code camp is hosted at Loyola College Graduate Center and is open to the public.  More information about this is at the following link:   http://www.cmap-online.org/CodeCamp/.  I will be speaking on developing ASP.NET AJAX control/extender development, of which I’m trying to write […]

The Krypton Toolkit 3.0.6 framework was released and is now available.  The Krypton toolkit free version comes with several handy components for developing applications.  These controls are built on top of the existing .NET controls to provide additional features to the consumer.  For instance, controls support theming like you see in Infragistics and other third-party […]

CodeSmith released a series of videos to help understand the features available in CodeSmith 5.0.  You can view those videos in the following links: CodeSmith Projects:  http://codesmithtools.com/video/codesmith-projects.html Schema Explorer: http://codesmithtools.com/video/schemaexplorer.html CodeSmith library of Videos: http://community.codesmithtools.com/blogs/videotutorials/default.aspx