February 2009

SlickEdit has a nice backup tool that captures backups of files on a regular basis.  Whenever you need to restore a backup of a file, simply go to the backup explorer tool window (on the same side as the solution explorer) and select one of the backups to compare your file against its.  This editor […]

Attached to this blog post is an image of the product Resharper, a refactoring tool for the .NET 3.5 framework and Visual Studio 2008 (not including the backward compatibility).  The image labels three sections that illustrate some of the highlighting.  The first section I’ll discuss is the “Field Highlighting” section.  Notice the green squigglies underneath […]

The point of this article is not to point out how hard it is to use JQuery or anything like that; rather, JQuery is very easy and efficient to use.  However, as with any third-party JS library (I happen to be using JQuery at the moment), using this library with third-party .NET controls is difficult.  […]

The goal of the book “Practical JavaScript, DOM Scripting, and AJAX projects” illustrates what it takes to create an application solely in JavaScript.  This book discusses projects in different genres: using mashups to pull external data, creating a calculator, creating and playing a game, creating widgets, setting up a custom validation scheme, setting up a […]

I didn’t find any documentation on this, so I thought I’d throw something out there.  When using the Telerik RadMultiPage, each page view can be accessed on teh client like so: var multiPage = $find(“<%= mp.ClientID %>”);var views = multiPage.get_pageViews(); But I couldn’t find anything on getting an individual view.  So I did some digging […]

It was stated by someone that I know that VSS 6 and VSS 2005 aren’t compatible on the same machine, and I’d like to refute that.  Actually, these two software products are compatible; I’ve been running both on my machine (not simultaneously) for a while with no repercussions.  But one problem I came across is […]