March 2009

I found something out with the RadNumericTextBox control: for the GroupSeparator, it will accept an empty string, but not for the DecimalSeparator property.  This is important, as the RadNumericTextBox behaves in a certain way.  If you try to set: <tel:RadNumericTextBox ..>    <NumberFormat DecimalDigits=”0″ DecimalSeparator=”” /></tel:RadNumericTextBox> An exception is thrown for this, but <tel:RadNumericTextBox ..>    <NumberFormat […]

There are quite a bit of books on the market about ASP.NET and AJAX.  The book “Professional ASP.NET AJAX” from Wrox is a good overview of the AJAX framework.  The authors of the book cover a wide array of subjects that you don’t find in every AJAX book.  The book covers topics like localization and […]