August 2009

I recently submitted a Facebook development article to ASP.NET Pro magazine.  It was quite the challenge initially to get it started.  But once I got going (I think I’ll blog on this later), I was off and running but there aren’t a lot of examples on the WIKI.  I put a combination of items together […]

This post assumes you are familiar with TypeMock’s Arrange-Act-Assert method of test creation.  If you are not, please read my overview at:  When creating your fakes with TypeMock, you have to be careful which member your choose as the default mocking level.  For instance, when you create the following class: var cls = Isolate.Fake.Instance<TestClass>(); The […]

I recently have been thinking about tabular displays and how to make them better.  For instance, suppose that your final output of an application looked like the following: <table id=”tbl”> <thead>  <tr>   <th>One Header</th>   <th>Two Header</th>   <th>Three Header</th>   <th>Four Header</th>   <th>Five Header</th>   <th>Six Header</th>   <th>Seven Header</th>   <th>Eight Header</th>  </tr> </thead> <tbody>  <tr>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>  </tr>  <tr>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>   <td>Value</td>  </tr>  .  .  .  . </table> Imagine this is for a form of some sort.  Think in reverse of […]