December 2009

I’m continuing the series of blog posts on my Nucleo control suite available at  This post is on the way that tags can be rendered.  ASP.NET MVC has a TagBuilder class for creating a class to generate markup and render that markup to the brower.  If you have used any of the HTML extensions […]

If you’ve built your own custom MS ASP.NET AJAX controls or extenders, you are familiar with the description process, where a control specifies the values that it wants to send at the creation of the client-side AJAX component (consider these values as default values).  ASP.NET AJAX gives you the ability to specify what you would […]

I and many other users constantly deal with how to make our applications perform better, and one dilemma can come from binding controls like the GridView control and many others.  This problem is even a problem related to control toolsets from external vendors as well.  ASP.NET isn’t always adaptive to knowing when to prevent a binding […]

ASP.NET MVC gives you a lot of options when you want to customize the way that ASP.NET MVC uses controllers.  By default, ASP.NET uses a controller factory to handle MVC controller requests.  A ControllerActionInvoker class, related to the controller, is solely responsible for invoking action method requests and returning the results.  It is this class […]

I must admit that Twitter is a subject that intrigues me, just like all of these social service media do.  But this book is more than just about Twitter; it’s also about Twitter’s architecture and the use of REST-based applications and services that can be exposed through other means than just twitter (WCF, for example).  It’s […]