September 2010

In continuing the series of the Nucleo MVP framework, the first parts of the steps can be found here: Nucleo MVP: A new framework later this year Nucleo MVP: Setting Up the Presenter  As I mentioned before, the presenter knows the view through an interface.  The following is a sample interface. public interface ICreateCustomerView : IView {                 #region ” Events “ […]

This post is in a series of posts on the MVP framework.  The first entry can be read here. In the framework due to release by the end of 2010, the Nucleo MVP framework provides several options for setting up the presenter.  First, the presenter interface has the following implementations: IPresenterIPresenter<TView>IPresenter<TView, TModel> Each of these […]

Over the course of my career, I’ve always thought there was a better way to develop ASP.NET applications than the traditional style of developing web applications.  In my past applications early on in my career, you could see my lack of understanding of applied design patterns.  At first, I attempted to do sort of an […]