November 2010

I’ve been using the MVP pattern for a new project and have developed an open-source framework (available here).  I’m not an MVP expert, but I’ve learned a lot about the pattern and UI patterns at a whole.  One important idea about the pattern that I’ve learned is to ensure that the layers are properly separated. […]

The Nucleo MVP framework, at the presenter level, contains a complex system for cross-presenter messaging that each presenter can act on.  Using the presenter’s CurrentContext property, the EventRegistry object contains methods to subscribe and publish to events using a variety of syntaxes. For instance, a presenter can subscribe to an event using the following syntax. […]

The new ClientIDMode property is a new .NET 4.0 features that allows a developer to take control over the ClientID property.  In .NET 3.5 and earlier, the ClientID property renders in the ID HTML attribute for all controls.  The system generated ID would be very long, may be looking something like ct100_ct100_BOdyPlaceholder_Ctl for a control […]

The issue with the UpdatePanel control is that it’s not possible to invoke an AJAX request from client-side JavaScript.  Though possible to refresh the UI from client-side JavaScript using various means, the UpdatePanel control itself doesn’t invoke a postback explicitly through some API call; instead, it reacts to form posts through specifically targeted controls.  The […]

Most people understand how to use the Unity framework, or at least I hope.  Microsoft Unity is a pretty useful DI container.  If you need to learn more about it, check out my article on dotnetslackers here:  In this example, there is a sample custom configuration file that registers unity contract types to their mapped […]

The open source framework I created has been released for the 0.6 version, which includes: Some AJAX control updates New MVC helpers An MVP framework agnostic to a specific environment (though with only an ASP.NET implementation at the moment, but more to come there). Framework Plumbing updates/issue fixes Several ways to develop custom AJAX components […]