December 2010

Being that I’ve been undertaking several Model-View-Presenter projects, I’m writing this post to illustrate the way a view uses an event.  In the Model View Presenter pattern, the primary means a view communicates with the presenter is using events.  Methods of the view can be called from the presenter, but typically I’ve seen mostly events.  […]

In the interest of standardization, the RadComboBox allows a custom CSS clas to be specified for the dropdown, via the DropDownCssClass property (as if you probably couldn’t figure that one out :-D).  In an application I’m working on, we have a set of pre-built CSS classes of varying sizes, and we apply styles to the […]

In continuing the series on the Nucleo MVP framework, we’re going to look at how easy it may be to use AJAX.  Like the web services proxy generation to the server-side web server, the Nucleo MVP currently supports limited AJAX proxy support (with more support to come).  Using the Nucleo.Web.MVP framework, the project and the […]