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So when does Click2run update?

From the I did not know this about click2run…. courtesy of Diane Poremsky (1), she indicated that Click 2 run inserts tasks into your computer.  These tasks will make the system check to see if it’s up to date.   Typically one runs at 3 a.m another checks upon logon.  So if you run your computer 24/7 click to run will attempt to update at least once at day. Diane indicated that it’s hinted about here:  whcih tells you to check task scheduler if it’s not updating. There should be two tasks (for c2r) – one checks at 3 am, one checks at logon.
(1)Diane runs http://www.slipstick.com and

We’re heading into the 4th Tuesday

With no hint of a re-release of the kernel updates that caused the bsod’s.

On the one hand it’s good to only release it when it’s ready, on the other hand, it’s a bit concerning that it’s talking this long to come out with a rereleased version.

Sad to see that and read that.

Blog migration status

Got all the blog content exported out to xml.  Images are still a mess and I need to finish up the redirects.

Sorry about all the mess.

Western Digital and the firmware problem

A few months ago I bought a Western Digital Mycloud for home use as it worked better when a Mac Book was in the mix.  Well it did until the latest firmware update to the MyCloud.  In a sign that patching doesn’t go well in any platform, the latest firmware makes a nice happy MyBook go to a draggingly slow thing that you could watch paint dry faster than it copies files across (along with general slowness in access.

It would also drop it’s network connections and you could tell by the thrashing of the drive of the device, something was definitely not right and just  really impacting performance.

There’s a relatively easy post on how to roll back to a prior firmware update – kudos to the folks in the Western Digital forum for posting the info:

Easy method to downgrade to previous version of th… – WD Community:

And now that it’s rolled back, we’re going to disable automatic updates for the time being until Western Digital figures out what’s going on.

Windows 8 and the mapped drive issue

Once upon a time we used this hack to get Win7 machines to respect mapped drives via group policy

How to make elevated programs recognize network drives on Windows 7 /
Vista | WinAbility Software:

In digging more into that I realized that Windows 8 and 8.1 regressed and needed a hotfix to get them to work the same way.
Drive is unexpectedly mapped to the root of a nested share in Windows:;en-us;2878604


Windows 8.1 should already have that update rollup, Windows 8 needs a hotfix. (who knew)

Still converting blogs

and only about 1/2 way through the process…..

(have I said migration sucks?)

Images are still a disaster.

Redirects not in place.

Pardon the disaster zone while I still get everyone off of Community Server and onto WordPress.

To all of the bloggers still in transition, my deepest apologies, we’re doing the best we can.  Holler if you need anything.

Sitting in the Las Vegas airport

And attempting to work on migrating C through Z of the blog content and I gotta say the one drawback of the surface device is the lack of a static work area.  A traditional laptop has a more firm keyboard that one can balance on your laptop, a surface device is much more unstable.

Have any of the readers of this blog that have found  your way to the new blog site that use surface’s for travel, have you had issues whereby the unit works great on a desktop, but if you are sitting in a airport seat,  and trying to use the keyboard with the unit, it flops over?

Maybe I need a stiffer set of muscles in my leg to balance the keyboard on?

Blog migration status:  Images still broken, categories a disaster, still migrating content, sitting in the Las Vegas airport and about to fall asleep waiting for my airplane…..


I’m migrating the site to wordpress and man have I blogged a lot and thus the migration is taking a lot longer.  Bear with me as I get it moved across.

Will be back soon, watch this space.

If you are seeing this

you are seeing the server on it’s temporary DNS location.

I temporarily moved the IIS part of the web server over to a hosted server in Azure and hopefully my monthly credit allowance will offset the bulk of the fees it will take.  I won’t be moving the SQL data over there as I’d really be paying a high price tag.

But thanks everyone for being patient and let’s hope we get this blog site settled down again.


Apologies, the blog site is having perf issues right now

Bear with me as I work on the issues.