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Publishing Sharepoint through ISA

 Making Companyweb available via RWW with ISA installed.NOTE: If ISA isn’t installed, it all works through the CIECW, no furtherconfiguration required.NOTE: Run the CEICW first to create a certificate.1. Create a new protocol definition for Inbound TCP/444Go to ISA -> Policy Elements -> Protocol Definitions. Create a protocoldefinition called “Companyweb Inbound” (Port number: 444, Type: […]

Ports used by SBS2k3

 Table A: Ports that Enable Remote Access to SBS Services      TCP Port Service Description      21 FTP Enables external and internal file transfer      25 Exchange Server Enables incoming and outgoing SMTP mail      80 (http://) IIS Enables all nonsecure browser access, including:internal access to IIS Webs including the company Web, Windows SharePointWeb, Windows SharePoint administration Web, and […]

Rdp and vpn issues?

Courtesy of Jim Behning, SBS MVP from Georgia: Do you have some users that can RDP into some accounts and not others?  Can’t make more than 2 concurrent connections vpn connections? Have SQL server installed on that box as well? Go find the key hklm/current control set/services/tcp/parameters/ReservedPorts. Delete the value and restart RRAS.

If you can’t get Sharepoint installed – reset your clock.

833019 – You Receive an Error Message When You Install Windows SharePoint Services, Create a New Content Database, or Provision a New Virtual Server: SYMPTOMSIf you try to install Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services by using the default settings after November 24, 2003, you receive the following error message: Metadata manifest ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web […]

To Reinstall Sharepoint

If you have RTM, let’s try this1. Remove Intranet using sbs setup2. Remove MSDE SharePoint from Add/Remove Program3. Delete Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$SharePoint\ and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer\Intranet4. Delete Companyweb from IIS if it is still there.5. Rerun SBS setup to put back Intranet.

Enabling Full Text Searches in Sharepoint by upgrading to SQL

 To enable full text search you will need to do the following.. 1) Upgrade the SharePoint named instance of SQL to full SQL Server 2000.. be sure that you install/add Full-Text Search.. (listed in the steps in the premiuminstallsteps.htm on the Premium cd) 2) Once SQL Server the named instance is upgraded and service packed, […]

SBS 2k3 in Australia

LINUX no good for small business: MicrosoftiT News, AustraliaMicrosoft small business sales VP Steve Guggenheimer took a swipe at Linuxwhile pushing Small Business Server 2003 to partners at a vendor conferenceyesterday …<>

RC to RTM “flip tool” Windows Small Business Server 2003 Build-to-Build Upgrade wizard enables you to upgrade from the Release Candidate version of Windows Small Business Server 2003 to the full product version.

Hot fix for Travan tape drive mis-identification issue hotfix corrects the problem of NTBackup incorrectly choosing the backup tape type on a drive that supports multiple tape types.

Getting the Sharepoint/Company Web to work through ISA Server

Create a server publishing rule on port 444. Assign the FQDN cert to the companyweb with SSL port set to 444. Change HLKM\Software\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer\RemoteUserPortal\KWLinks\STS to 1 and \AdminLinks\STS and AdminLinks\HelpDesk to 1.838304 – How to publish http://Companyweb to the Internet by using ISA Server 2000 on a server that is running Windows Small Business Server 2003, […]