All of a sudden after weeks of successful tape backups they are now failing
because SBS2003 tries to install drives for "Generic volume shadow copy".
Each time volume shadow copy is activated either by ntbackup or by the
shared folder volume shadow copies, SBS pops up the found new hardware
balloon and tries to install drivers for "Generic volume shadow copy".  It
then shows the dialog box that the driver has not passed Windows logo
testing and asks if I want to proceed.  If I'm at the console and allow it
to continue, the backup will work fine.  Of course this is not normally the
case so the backups via volume shadow copy fail.
Try renaming C:\Windows\system32\CatRoot2 to 
C:\Windows\system32\CatRoot2.sav and reboot the system.

 If you are having issues with monitoring and reporting, review these settings….

NOTE: Monitoring and Reporting, and Backup snapin in Server Management 
communicate with the IIS Default Website using Make sure port 80 
is availalbe and no host header is assigned to

SBS2003 Premium: <Typically ISA is installed and thus Default Website is bounded to the 
internal IP only.> 
Go to IIS, Default Web Site, Web Site tab, Advanced. Server should have the 
internal IP on port 80 and on port 80. If the loopback is 
missing, click Add, and type for the IP, 80 for the port, and do NOT assign any 
host header to

 If your installation of the Sharepoint patch keeps failing, look in the KB832880.log and see if you have the following:

The procedure entry point GetTextExtentPointI could not be located in the
dynamic link library msdart.dll.

1) You will need to get the 2.80.1022.0 version of the oledb32.dll file.

   You can get this file by expanding it from the SBS 2003 CD #1:\i386
folder to a temporary directory expand d:\i386\oledb32.dl_ c:\temp\oledb32.dll

2. Delete the %systemroot%\system32\dllcache\oledb32.dll and place a copy of
the 2.80.1022.0 version of oledb32.dll in the %systemroot%\system32\dllcache

3. Rename the C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Ole DB\oledb32.dll file
and place a copy of the 2.80.1022.0 version of oledb32.dll in this folder.

4. Register the updated oledb32.dll file using the following command.
regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Ole DB\oledb32.dll

5.  Reinstall the SBS WSS patch 832880.

When trying to access OMA – are you getting the following error “Item no longer exists.
The item you are attempting to access may have been deleted or moved.”
immediately after logging in. The event log shows an error from MSExchange
OMA Category 1000 Event ID 0.

The resolution:

The problem originated when a second email address was added – The real cause of the problem was an incorrect path
on the exchange-oma virtual directory – it was set to
\\.\backofficestorage\mydomain.local\mbx instead of
\\.\backofficestorage\\mbx . Changing this restored full

This is found in the IIS Manager, click on your server name, then on web sites, then on default web site and look for the “exchange-oma“


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