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So I’m reading Channel 9…..

And realizing that there’s a SBS question in there….   and realize that it’s only us true geeks that “get” newsgroups and NNTP. We need to do something better to get information to people.  NNTP is not cutting it, IMHO.  

Webcast on IIS – I know enough about IIS to know I don’t know enough about IIS session reviews the evolution of Internet Information Services (IIS) to its current iteration — version 6.0 — and how IIS 6.0 has measured up to customer expectations since its release in April 2003. IIS 6.0 built on a new architecture, but this architecture has a few areas where improvements can be built-in. The system […]

Small Business Server KB articles

837369 – “The list of users and computers could not be found” during client network configuration on Windows Small Business Server 2003 [Bug 16533]:[psssst  I wouldn't exactly call this a bug] 838432 – Access Violation in the Docsredir.exe process when you redirect the My Documents folder to a computer that is running Windows Small […]

Moving SBS 2003 Data Folders

Moving SBS 2003 Data Folders – These folders include: Users Shared Folders,the Windows SharePointT Services and Monitoring databases, Exchangedatabases and log files, Sent Faxes folder, and ClientApps shared folder.This document provides step-by-step instructions for moving each of thedata folders for Windows Small Business Server 2003. You can choose to moveone or all of the data […]

And now for something completely different……

Want to meet a few members of the SBS development team?  First up, SBS Release Manager and Volleyball ref Charles Anthe starts a blog   A bit of SBS and smidge of Volleyball expertise.  And given that when I think of Volleyball, I personally think of beaches and sunshine certainly an interesting mix of topics thus far.  […]

Small Business Server 2003 resources on Tech Net

Microsoft TechNet: Windows Small Business Server 2003 Resources: Just a reminder to check out the area on TechNet devoted to SBS 2003.  Especially the release notes.  Many times a quick pre-read before installation would solve a lot of our problems.  

Is your server’s DHCP being renamed to “” and getting Event ID: 30013 in your log files?

I had something unusual happen on my server.  I would receive error messages in my log files indicating that my DHCP server was shutting down and when I would go in and look at the DHCP scope, it would suddenly rename my domain name “”.  I’ve put screen shots up on my website to show […]

Small Biz Server Knowledge base articles

827603 – Remote users cannot see a Windows Small Business Server 2003 computer in My Network Places: – How to install Office Live Communications Server 2003 in Windows Small Business Server 2003: – “Setup failed while installing sub-component Base DAV protocol” error message when you install Windows Small Business Server 2003 or Exchange […]

Collaboration thoughts …. and other stuff

“The best leaders are very often the best listeners.  They have an open mind.  They are not interested in having their own way but in finding the best way“ – Wilfred Peterson I saw this on an email and like the saying.  It reminds me of the true story my Sister told me the other […]

..yes this should be installed on a SBS 2003 box

A recent rollup patch just came out for Exchange server 2003.  The first question that comes up is “Is this for SBS 2003“?  The answer is anything that is for “normal“ Exchange 2003 is for us.  838236 – How to obtain the Exchange Server 2003 post-RTM Store rollup: includes the fix for the Titanium […]