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Norton needs an update for XP sp2

XP sp2 is coming.  And if a program doesn’t work as it should, go to the manufacturers site and get an update.  In today’s CNN it talked about how Norton needs an update to work with XP sp2.  I think it’s key that we test before we roll it out, but we should work through […]

Internet Explorer patch out today! The long awaited patch for the issues of late.  Start testing and patching! If you have XP sp2, your local zones are already in “protected” state and thus you do not need this.

Kewlamundo – Robert starts a blog

David Hibbeln pinged me this morning that Robert Hensing started a blog.  Who?  You ask?  Security Dude at Microsoft. That’s who.  Good stuff.  Subscribed!  He does the Security Incident Response stuff at Microsoft.  Talk about a “been there, seen that” kind of job. He starts off with passphrases and getting rid of LMhash.  Start reading… […]

When Nathan grows up….

I’m down in Los Angeles visiting with my girlfriend and her nine year old little boy is demonstrating his UC Irvine Tech Camp project.  He worked on MAC computers to do digital photography and then worked on developing a game.  The camp runs about a week and each child does a project and then presents […]

Other SBS KBs of interest

327644 – How to configure licensing on an additional Windows server in an SBS network:;en-us;327644 324958 – How To Block Open SMTP Relaying and Clean Up Exchange Server SMTP Queues on SBS:;en-us;324958 838183 – How to turn on the Exchange writer for the Volume Shadow Copy service in Windows Small Business Server 2003: […]

If you are a beancounter… this KB makes your heart go pitter patter…

839503 – “Connection Error: 10057” error message when you try to connect to the Lacerte Web site or to download updates of the Lacerte Tax program in SBS 2000 or in SBS 2003:;en-us;839503

Office 2003 SP1 just out today

Office 2003 sp1 just hit the download site today Office 2003 sp1 – Visio – Outlook BCM – Outlook Junk mail filter – Office update inventory tool – Infopath toolkit – Office 2003 – Office web components – Project Server – OneNote –

Do we use the /3 switch or not?

Does your server have 4 gig of RAM? Today a poster asked if we SBSers need to follow this KB or not: 823440 – You Must Use the /3GB Switch When You Install Exchange Server 2003 on a Windows Server 2003-Based System: The recommendation is if you have a server with 4 gig of ram to […]


I saw that they announced the name of the next Star Wars movie “Revenge of the Sith”.  Just putting everyone on notice now.  I will be in Newport Beach at the Big Newport movie theater with a bunch of my friends next May.  Oh and I should also warn you that I’m known for making folks that […]

Everyone wanted to make sure I wasn’t hyperventilating…..

…with Google being affected by the Mydoom virus.  Must have Google… can’t live without google…. can’t newsgroup without google…. can’t GOOGLE without google!! While last weeks bagel was a real “stupid computer user” virus [like a normal paranoid computer user couldn't look at the bagel emails that had no body message, a stupid subject line […]