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You know how I said Dana was not the “normal” SBSer?

So I’m reading Dana’s blog and he’s ranting that SBS doesn’t allow ISA server to “work” unless there are two network cards on the server.  If you only have one server, as you run the wizard it won’t set up ISA [or RRAS on the Standard SBS] to be a firewall and you must be […]

Everyone should check out the webcast pages every so often…

Typing up the SBS news of the week and was on Microsoft’s just opened Small Business site and linked off to upcoming webcasts and found a couple of good ones! Dr. J will be presenting TechNet Webcast: “Ask The IT Security Experts” Series: Preventing Network Hacking Level – 200   on September 21st and his webcasts are […]

Can you make the numbers bigger please?

So I ordered a replacement for my SCSI harddrive and the item that arrived was ddy”f”-t36950 not ddy”s”-t36950.  And then Ken and I are trying to confirm that it’s a 64 pin not an 80 pin.  [Can you tell I'm a software gal not a hardware gal?]  Finally we spot in little tiny writing 64P. […]

From the department of … “and they say “I” need a life?”

BBC NEWS | Technology | Surf the net while surfing waves: … and the sad thing is… my only complaint is that you can’t truly surf the ‘net and truly surf the waves at the same time …. but other than that …… I can just hear the tech help desk now… “Help desk, […]

I’ll take Security Center vulnerability for $1,000 Alex!

PcMag and other magazines came out with an article on the “vulnerabity of the Security center” and Larry Osterman has a post on the issue.  My take is that it’s a risk analysis issue.  What is worse?  That a malware is going to get in and overwrite the security center application or that the person […]

Jim Allchin on future plans

If you don’t know who Jim Allchin, VP at Microsoft is, you need to be introduced to him.  There’s a reason why he has white hair.  He makes a lot of the technical decisions about the operating system that most of us use around here.  The blogosphere is a buzzing over the changes to Longhorn just […]

ISA 2004

… so like when are we getting it?  seems to be the big question in the newsgroup  [I just got an email on this as a matter of fact] Patience. We need Windows 2003 sp1 to come out before be can get our wizardized ISA 2004 which will be included in Small Business Server Service […]


Ah …the lovely sound of God’s computer department telling me that “no, you are not going to do what you thought you were going to do, you are going to quickly arrange for a fast down time for swapping out a SCSI hard drive tomorrow that suddenly died today.  Second drive of my Raid 5 […]

Oh the fun we can have with the new Netstat commands in XP sp2

Check out the netstat -b command and how it can show you what executibleis creating the connection and listening port.  Oh what fun… we might be able to better see trojans and malware  Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600](C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. Displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP network connections. NETSTAT [-a] [-b] [-e] [-n] […]

Xp2 and Prescott processors issue

Chris Quirke (new address) wrote: Stop me if you’ve heard this one; consider this the formal heads-up! This is a serious bug, as most affected users who install SP2 will assume the system cannot be salvaged, and will wipe and rebuild from scratch. Cari and I have both hit this issue, and found references to […]