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Exchange blogs anyone?

Exchange MVP blogs: MS Exchange Blog – William Lefkovics, Chris Mierick & Neil Hobson – Wesley Peace – 3Sharp – Paul Robichaux and Missy Koslosky - Dustin Smith - Exchange Cookbook – Paul Robichaux, Missy Koslosky and Tom Meunier – Exchange Security – Paul Robichaux – Glen Scales’ Exchange Dev Blog […]

I think I had a bit too much Mountain Dew too late in the evening or something….

I had this bizarre dream this morning.  You know that morning dream you get when you go back to sleep for a bit..the one in which you dream really really bizarre stuff? I had this dream that in order to promote LUA and least privilege user mode and all that … Bill Gates was Grand Marshall […]

The balance

Oh my gawd…the enemies are out there….oh no…they are in here…. The Security mentor brings up something along the lines of my password issue….. it’s an issue I call “the balance”.  Every day, each one of us take our expertise and talent and try to balance the forces of needing to do our jobs, needing […]

The ugly truth about Passwords

For all my talk about security I’m going to bare my soul to you all.  I do something very very dumb. I do a very stupid thing.  One that my fellow Security gurus beat me up over [and rightfully so]. Like Gavin, there are times I need to log into “THE PROFILE”.  Not the admin […]

Trend Engine Update

 To manually update TREND: Otherwise on March 3rd it will get the necessary update.  [me I'm waiting]Follow these steps to manually update your ScanMail scan engine: 1. Open your Web browser and type the following URL address: 2. Download the scan engine for your program version of ScanMail. 3. Stop the ScanMail Real-time Scanning […]

There are some things in life that you just “can’t” do without

We make a huge thing about making sure that we build in backups, disaster recovery, redundancy, but there’s one thing that unless you have your own true backup and redundancy, you only have about 30 minutes that separates you between all the technology at your fingertips and whipping out a Dixon Ticonderoga.    Today at […]

Warning on

 I don’t host web sites on my servers and hire others to host them for me.  But you have to the rely on their security practices to ensure all is well.  Well tonight, thanks to David Svirskis I got my own wakeup call of how bad it’s getting out there to “browse” on the Internet.  […]

Trend A/V Security issue

Trend Micro has a security issue that needs an engine update.  The updates are here, but I’ll check to see if they automatically come down via the autoupdate.

The glass is indeed 1/2 full, not 1/2 empty

On the blog comments today comes a passionate post that I’d just like to respond to because it points to a Microsoft partner that I came across once upon a time…the glass is 1/2 empty partner…. Scott in the blog comments rants that SBS is a “bait and switch” because it’s limited to 16 gigs […]

How about “more” friendly HTTP error messages?

From the mailbox today comes this tip from WayneV While I was trying to find an answer to a web based program/IIS problem I stumbled on a checkbox worth mentioning. I was getting the error: The page cannot be displayed There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot […]