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Cannot connect to Sharepoint

In the mailbox tonight [one last post....] Carl asks “ I couldn’t connect from outside the router to the SBS2003 through Sharepoint. From inside, everything works fine. I turned on port 443 and 4125 on the router. How do I troubleshoot this?“ And Carl…your email address wasn’t right so it bounced back…so I’m blogging back […]

My apologies.

I’m an SBSer.  And I feel that I represent the SBS community to Microsoft. I feel like I’ve let the community down today. I didn’t represent you well enough to the Windows Update team.  I didn’t understand the impact of the ‘normal’ Windows 2003 service pack 1 was on our SBS boxes.  I didn’t follow […]

Here’s how to install a Service pack

Here are Susan’s suggested items on how to install a service pack on SBS 2003 You don’t install it on a production system, middle of the day during lunch time You don’t install it before a weekend You don’t install it before testing it yourself You don’t install it before waiting for feedback from others […]


5717D53E-DD6D-4d1e-8A1F-C7BE620F65AA Don’t know what that is?  That’s the unique SBS 2003 GUID code for the SBS suite.  Do a search in the registry and you’ll find it in a couple of places. I’m sure you know you have SBS 2003.  You are an SBSer right?  But right now Windows Update doesn’t know you are a […]

UPS, unexpected power losses and oh? Have you done this registry fix?

Services may stop abruptly when you shut down or restart a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer:;en-us;839262 Jeff from TechSoEasy reminds me of a registry fix that we SBSers need to do.  He had an issue with unexpected power issues and now has a bit of a messed up server.  It reminded me that he […]

Windows 2003 SP1 RTMs…ours is still in the oven

For those of you running ‘normal’ Windows 2003, you can start testing on the SP 1 as it just ‘RTM’d…. For those of us on SBS 2003 remember In addition, Microsoft is announcing that Windows Small Business Server 2003 Service Pack 1 will also be available to customers within 60 days. I’m putting that in Bold […]

What versions of Internet Explorer are supported?

Understanding the Windows lifecycle policy (for all you IT Pros out there): One last post before bed tonight… nice consise recap of what IE versions are supported on what platform.

Really we’re not shouting!

SOMEONE IN MY OFFICE LEARNED TODAY …oh sorry… Someone in my office learned today that when she was Internal IMing the guy in the office and she used all CAPS [because you see in the tax software program she was using it's normal for us to use all caps] that she was shouting at him. […]

How to Shutdown

Ever notice how there’s like four or five ways to do the same thing? I posted about my Remote Web Workplace experience and wanted to know if there was a way to remotely shut down.  Matt posted in the comments “shutdown.exe” but there’s a couple more. Handy Andy said Start> run> “shutdown -r“ For one, […]

The icons got a bit messy today

One of the issues with Remote Web Workplace and especially with the interaction with a dual monitor system is the reality of ‘letting go of static icon location”. Take this morning for example, I went to log back into RWW and there’s a brief moment where there’s a black screen and a blinking icon as […]