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I’m bummed

Normally I try to come up with some kind of witty post title..but I just can’t come up with anything else but…. I’m bummed.  I’m watching show and this is the last edition of this show.  First I lost CNet’s computer TV show that used to be on Discovery channel…. and now CNN’s NEXT […]

How localized are you?

Out and about running a few errands today, I stopped and got gas and noticed at the gas station not far from my house the advertising banners at the station were half in English and half in Spanish.  Later when I went to Target [we call it Tar-shay you know], the voices around me were […]

ROM updated and through the worm hole

It’s always great fun sticking some new piece of software on your ‘baby’ and making sure it comes through the worm hole to the other side.  One HP ROM upgrade [burn from the web iso to cdrom] later I’ve got the following upgrades inplace: ROM upgrade went from 2004.8.26 to 2004.12.2 [Which is what I […]

You want what?

So the Copier/Scanner/Printer company faxes me a network pre-installation/configuration information sheet to fill out and they want to know stuff like… oh…domain name, IP address, DCHP, default gateway, DNS [primary and secondary] ….and this is kinda cool, they specifically ask about SBS as a network device.  Hmmm that must mean they’ve had enough of them […]

June 15th Chat on SBS 2003 sp1

SBS: Shiny and New with SP1Small Business Server, Microsoft’s all-in-one solution for small businesses, is getting its first service pack. Changes to an all-in-one system can be risky, especially since SBS is targeted towards businesses without full-time IT Staff to fix things if they go wrong. Windows IT Pro author Michael Otey has run SBS […]


Sometimes it’s funny how people react to things.  There was a recent set of stories of how the next version of Windows would have a ‘black box’ feature to aid in gathering data of system crashes and what not.  In some circles you would think Microsoft has a division that just can’t wait to read […]

Law number 2 – get ready for LUA folks

Law #2: If a bad guy can alter the operating system on your computer, it’s not your computer anymore In the end, an operating system is just a series of ones and zeroes that, when interpreted by the processor, cause the computer to do certain things. Change the ones and zeroes, and it will do […]

Got Dell?

If you own a Dell, the notification email you need to sign up for is here.  Andrew posted the link but the blog format means that it ended up a bit down below in a weird location so I thought I’d posted it as a new post. So there you have it.  If you had […]

Another patch email that I signed up for

I’ve signed up for Microsoft’s security patch emails, but there’s another category of patch emails that I haven’t signed up for until now.  My hardware patch notifications. Out on the HP site [and look if Dell has a similar offering], there is a place to sign up for driver update notifications for my model of […]

More Homework

Danny points out there’s a one stop place to update the firmware in the server before the update.  The link it at HP and there is one thing I noted about it.  The link actually goes to a ftp site that unless you have the fix for 05-019 in place or passive FTP checked, your […]