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Well that was fast!

Microsoft has received your order, and it is being processed. Ordered From: Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP1 Order Number: 01112007580056 Order Date: May 23, 2005 Order Status: Shipped  Sure enough… I have three cdroms in my possession that are the official Premium SP1TRUST ME … you WANT to order the cdroms.  They are SOOOO much better […]

Planning a beach vacation in Florida? How about adding a dash of swing to that?

 The Gulf Coast SMB Partners Group will hold its second meeting on the 23rd of June at 7 PM at Univ of West Fla Bldg 71 Rm 133 with Jeff Middleton ( presenting Swing Migration and bringing a great door prize. You are cordially invited to attend. Details and registration at and registration at […]

Amazon…you are not coming through for me

Okay I’m bummed.  You see I have the opportunity to go to Redmond as part of my last official act as Chairman of the Technology Committee of Caliornia Society of CPAs and I just might have the opportunity to get the book “Protect Your Windows Network:  From Perimeter to Data” signed by the authors…. except […]

But that will fix it right?

When something is broken, it’s wise to fix ‘that’ before doing a work around.  I had two examples come across my desktop today.  The first was a poster on the listserve who was having issues with Mapped drives being messed up after a security patch and the way he was fixing it was to […]

Undelete and Volume Shadow Copy

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far…. oh wait…sorry …wrong story… Once upon a time on my SBS 2000 box I used to have a Undelete product that would help me keep files that people stupidly deleted.  Well one day one of my drives dropped out on my server array and due to […]

Talking owner to owner

Got a potential customer who is on the ‘edge’ of buying SBS? This just might shove him or her over……Microsoft Canada is happy to host the first SBS webcast directed at end-customers. Les Connor will be presenting the SBS benefits valued by most customers. From Owner to Owner. I urge you all to invite those […]

When the download button ‘isn’t’ the download button

One of the very confusing things about this service pack is when you go to download it and you blondely click the download button it blondely only downloads the last patch of the series and does not direct you to install the five parts.  And of course if you don’t read..which of course none of […]

I don’t think it’s “that” complicated

Found a blog that said that Exchange was too complicated and while I would argue that setting up Exchange with a MX mail record just might be a little …well… sometimes frustrating depending on your ISP…the wizard of SBS to set up email…it’s not that bad.  Not like Tim makes it sound. The dirty little […]

That thingy that is now in the corner of the server after you apply SP1

Someone in the newsgroup asked about that ‘thingy’ in the corner that is now in the system tray after the application of the Service pack.  Well for one, if you are just NOW noticing it because you never had it before…you kinda missed a critical patch along the way as this is caused by an […]

Setting expectations and better communication

If there’s one thing we newsgroupers don’t do sometimes is properly communicate.  One of the misunderstandings around the SBS 2003 sp1 install is that we in the newsgroup went out and said “oh you don’t need Windows 2003 sp1” and then now we are saying you do as step one of the SBS 2003 install.  […]