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Hold on … SUS isn’t dead yet, was If you aren’t WSUSing maybe you’d better

From Bink today comes the word that SUS 1.0 is going to be turned off soon, so if you are running SUS… this US Holiday weekend is probably a good time to start testing out WSUS.  Step by step instructions on migrating from SUS to WSUS are here and given that we never READ [including myself] […]

Error 0x80072EE2

I was checking the Microsoft update here at the office and when I went to MU I kept getting Error 0x80072EE2.  Hmmmmm….so I googled and found:  You receive an “Error 0x80072EE2″ or an “Error 0x80072EFD” error message if you try to use the Microsoft Windows Update Web site, the solution for which is in KB […]

News at 11

 Crazed woman arrested in Fresno after she disrupted a United flight from Las Vegas to Fresno.  Passengers say that the woman unbuckled her seat belt during take off and crawled over the seats and began strangling a passenger two rows behind her.  When questioning the surrounding passengers they said “I really don’t know what happened.”  […]

Red hats, purple shirts and a belonging

The first five I met in the plane over from Fresno, the next glob was in the line for a cab, the next view was in the window of a shop at the Bellagio hotel, and even now, sitting as I typically do, on the airport floor next to the power plug in, they are […]

V6 Windows/Microsoft Update and SBS

Just a heads up to everyone…. the Windows Update/Microsoft Update that may be offering up to your servers right now that will have the v6 in it’s address, it is offering up to you the Windows 2003 sp1…that is NOT SBS 2003 sp1. It is merely the first part of what you need for a […]

Who am I?

In the Indentiy Management presentation by Roger Grimes at Tech 2005 and he’s talking about Identification – who I am Authentication – prove it Authorization – can I access that object? Accountability – who did what? So many times in SBSland we don’t take the time to worry about the last two.  We don’t set […]

…so we’re packing up….

Last day of the AICPA Tech Conf in Vegas… And of course, the LAST thing I’m putting in the suitcase is the DLink wireless access point.  We’re using the TV checkout system. Things we didn’t do. Sleep Anne didn’t audio blog I didn’t go to the pool Anne didn’t go to the hot tub Convince […]

Dual Skill sets

In the AICPA Tech 2005 presentation with Roger Grimes [fellow MVP] and he’s talking about Open Source.  And one of the points he makes is that Migration is hard. from any platform to another platform..AND he’s making the point that in most firms you will have both Windows and Linux based operating systems and thus you’ll […]

Update rollup for Windows 2000 sp4 released today [SBS 2000]

* Security Advisory (891861) – Title: Release of Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4) – Web site: Support: ======== Technical support resources can be found at:

I ranted ..oh yeah I gave a talk

Gave a presentation today with Clint Krintner from the Center for Internet Security on Security benchmarks and we drove it home that we ….the users…the buyers… the consumers have the power.  We have the ability to ask…to make the vendors do a better job in Security.  The topic was on security benchmarks and how we […]