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If you think your SBS 2003 server shuts down a smidge slower after SP1?

You are right. Live with it [see note below for reasonable shut down times] Microsoft Issues Fix for SBS 2003 Slow Shutdown: The shutdown process takes longer than expected to finish on a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer: Now what I don’t quite understand is the file on my ‘non patched’ SBS 2003 sp1 […]

Who knew a phone speaks more languages than I do?

I’ve always said that I speak Californian…not English…but Californian.  And somehow I slid through my high school and college years not being forced to learn enough of a foreign language to be literate in anything other than Californian.  (No, the Taco Bell menu doesn’t count as knowing Spanish…’Chalupa’ is not a real word, and singing […]

Wanted… a little simplicity

In SBS 2000, we had built into Exchange an internal instant messaging inside the office.  It was our internal lunch ordering system “Hey Susan, what do you want for lunch?”, it was our internal ‘ping’ system to tell someone was in the lobby.  It never went outside the office [we had MSN IM if we […]

Hey, are you a Small Business Specialist?

Microsoft names local business as specialistRecord-Journal – Meriden,CT,USA… he took an exam to show his knowledge when it comes to programs such as Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows Small Business Server 2003. … Microsoft Announces First Small Business Specialist in AtlantadBusinessNews Atlanta (press release) – Atlanta,GA,USA… as the value to small business […]

Warning reading this post could lead to hearing an annoying song in your head

I’m warning you…but this is just too good of a post not to view Top 10 Rides if Microsoft owned Disneyland And if the song isn’t stuck in your head already…you can listen to it here  

Dear Steve:

Dear Steve:  I used to call you Mr. Ballmer, but we’ve swapped emails a rare time or two [yes he does email back] and I’ve used this blog venue a time or two as well so I think I can call you Steve now.  I just read where you announced in front of a bunch of […]

Looking for SKU codes?

The SKU codes for the Volume license media for SBS 2003 sp1 are: SBS 2003 sp1 [slipstream media] T75-00605 Just the service pack is T75-00623 These can be ordered through the MS volume license fulfillment at 1-800-248-0655 [US/Canada - worldwide call your local fulfillment unless you are in Australia where I think they want you to go […]

If you are an Exchange 5.5 owner, read this:

If you happen to be the proud owner of an Exchange 5.5 mail system…come a little closer… Closer…. Closer… IT’S TIME TO MIGRATE OFF!!!! You heard me.  According to this there are 400,000 of you guys in the small to medium space and you need to MOVE off that old platform.  It served it’s purpose […]

Genuine Advantage Checker now required for manual downloads

Piracy-check mandatory for Windows add-ons   If you Windows Update or Microsoft Update manually these days, you need to download the Genuine Advantage file ‘before’ getting updates.    I checked and Shavlik [and I presume other patch programs don't need to either] have to have this on your boxes to get patches from Shavlik.  Good.  Mess […]

I got no strings

  So the partner in my office went to make changes to his address book and then got out the usb cable to syncronize the phone.  But wait.. we don’t need any cables.  The cool thing about the Audiovox 5660 phone [aka the phone] is that once it’s set up, it not only will automagically […]