You are right.

Live with it [see note below for reasonable shut down times]

Microsoft Issues Fix for SBS 2003 Slow Shutdown:

The shutdown process takes longer than expected to finish on a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer:

Now what I don’t quite understand is the file on my ‘non patched’ SBS 2003 sp1 box is the same version as in that KB article.  But I haven’t gotten around to requesting the hotfix to see what’s ‘really’ in it.

Update:  Upon further investigation..we ALREADY have this QFE fix in our SBS sp1 boxes… the KB article is misleading because it says “you need Service Pack 1 in place before applying this’ …what they mean is … ‘you need Exchange 2003 sp1 in place before applying this“.

Bottom line if your server is taking a minute or two to shut down… it’s normal.

If your server is taking like longer than 10 minutes or so… that’s not normal and should be investigated.


I’ve always said that I speak Californian…not English…but Californian.  And somehow I slid through my high school and college years not being forced to learn enough of a foreign language to be literate in anything other than Californian.  (No, the Taco Bell menu doesn’t count as knowing Spanish…’Chalupa’ is not a real word, and singing enough latin songs in Choir…well let’s just say Latin has a small following in the spoken word department). 

So who knew our phones had more language skills than I do?  All this time I’ve been thinking that a person who types/sends emails from a Audiovox phone was…

  1. Insane
  2. Geek
  3. Thumb overachiever
  4. All of the above

What I didn’t realize that there’s this ‘helper’ language on the phone to jump start your responses.  The Tegic T9 language is a ‘predictive text’ language that will learn as you type.  There’s even a T9 dictionary that in the margin gives some interesting tidbits that let you know that 22663 [translation: as a matter of fact] men are more likely than women to send a mobile instant message or text message at a busy meeting [30% versus 17%], but 3949 [translation: For what it’s worth], women are more likely than men to send one when they are using crowded public transportation [41% versus 30%], and in bed [26% versus 14%].  …..hmmm…. okay I’m a geek but I don’t take my cell phone to the bedroom..495946 [translation:  If you know what I mean]

So on more googling it appears that this is called “Textonyms” and T9 isn’t the only language out there but a whole category of predictive languanges.  24868 [Translation: But in the Meantime] T9 is a subsidiary of AOL …. I mean ….. who knew that what I see as a form of leet speak was going to be turned into a standard for cell phone messaging.

Once again proving that one should 78369 or better yet 7836 [translations:  see below].

P.S.  I noticed in Cnet’s reviews they say the Audiovox is “difficult to sync to a corporate email server”… well if you are as blonde as I was yes…otherwise… I disagree on that one. 

Translation:  78369 = Read the Documentation/Directions

Translation 7836 = Read the F……. well you know..  the manual

In SBS 2000, we had built into Exchange an internal instant messaging inside the office.  It was our internal lunch ordering system “Hey Susan, what do you want for lunch?”, it was our internal ‘ping’ system to tell someone was in the lobby.  It never went outside the office [we had MSN IM if we needed that] and it didn’t connect to VoIP [heck we didn’t have VoIP]. 

So along comes Exchange 2003 [and ergo SBS 2003] and the folks at Microsoft realize how cool internal messaging is and pull it out to be a separate product.  No sweat for me as I have Software assurance on SBS 2000 so I am able to catch Live Communication Server 2003 as a benefit and I then proceed to stick “it” on Software Assurance as well to ensure that it’s kept up to date [I stick it on the three year SA plan so I get the media automagically].  Please note, this is one of the reasons that I love Software Assurance… so far the ‘bet’ I made on SA has handsomely paid off because I was able to keep my lunch menu system even after the upgrade to SBS 2003.

So .. I had to admit this.. but I have yet to upgrade my LCS 2003 [which I stuck on my member server since it’s now a separate license and I could] to the LCS 2005 version.  So someone the other day was saying how cool Office communicator was as he could log in there and have it forward cell phone numbers and VoIP info and what not [and I’m like…what’s Office Communicator?  Is that another new product or something?] and so as I’m putting away cdroms on Friday I realize that I have Office communicator as a part of the July media release I got for Live Communicator Server 2005.  You see it’s the update to Windows Internal Messenger 5.1 that I use now as an internal IM client to my LCS 2003.

…okay …but… I still argue that for my internal messaging needs.. you know… the one I use to arrange who’s going to get the lunch for the day… we don’t need anything to go ‘outside’ the firewall.  We don’t need a VoIP hook in.  We don’t need cell phone updates.  If I want anything that geeky…I’ll use MSN IM’s for external stuff.  I only want individuals to have a basic internal messaging system.  Nothing fancy.  And certainly not something that costs this much….$1,199 for the server and 5 cals?  Wow.  Definitely not SBSized anymore.  Good thing I caught LCS on software assurance when I did…I didn’t pay that when I signed up. 

Hmm… I’m definitely a gal who likes to update as I strongly believe that being on the latest [aka Borg] keeps you secure, but I do wish that someone on the LCS dev team would come up with a ‘lite’ internal only version of LCS.  You know… something that is just enough for people in the firm to say “if you are going to Taco Bell, make that a Chalupa and Mountain Dew please?”

Microsoft names local business as specialist
Record-Journal – Meriden,CT,USA
he took an exam to show his knowledge when it comes to programs such as Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows Small Business Server 2003.

Microsoft Announces First Small Business Specialist in Atlanta
dBusinessNews Atlanta (press release) – Atlanta,GA,USA
as the value to small business of several software solutions, including Windows ® XP Professional, Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows Small Business Server 2003

As the first of the press releases come out ..even if you are not one of the first in your area.. Press Release it yourself!  Anytime you do something cool, make sure your clients know about it.  Send out a note!  Send a note to your local paper.  Get yourself more known in your community.

And if you are installing SBS servers, not only should you be a registered partner..but I’d argue strongly that you need to be a Small Business Specialist designation.  Okay so it’s not perfect..the sales exam is very “dark side of marketing” and all that …but nothing in it’s early stages is perfect… I mean …do we have to remind folks of the jokes about SBS 4.0?  We’ve come a long way since then.

So sign up

Dear Steve: 

I used to call you Mr. Ballmer, but we’ve swapped emails a rare time or two [yes he does email back] and I’ve used this blog venue a time or two as well so I think I can call you Steve now.  I just read where you announced in front of a bunch of beancounters that you’ll be selling a “new” higher priced version of Windows and Office that will be high end desktop editions. 

We have plans in the Vista generation to introduce an Enterprise edition”

Oh please don’t.  It’s bad enough that we have to deal with convincing folks that Windows XP Home is …well..for HOME and not for an office, it’s bad enough that the Dell Small business sales catalogs feature XP Home, it’s bad enough to wade through the versions of Office [and no ..the Student and Teacher edition should not be a valid version for a small business].  But when you say you’ll have an “Enterprise version” that will have high end features…watch it, Sir.  You know us small businesses can [and many times do] have more of your new technology than older firms.  I’m 110% Borg now [the added 10% is due to the Smart Phone we just got].

Don’t say “Enterprise” and only think Big Business.  Show me a large firm and I’ll show you a lot of older stuff.  Show me a small firm and I’ll show you a firm that’s a lot more agile.

Be careful in your targeting of this product, Steve.  “Enterprise” is a state of mind, not the size of a firm.

The SKU codes for the Volume license media for SBS 2003 sp1 are:

SBS 2003 sp1 [slipstream media] T75-00605

Just the service pack is T75-00623

These can be ordered through the MS volume license fulfillment at 1-800-248-0655 [US/Canada – worldwide call your local fulfillment unless you are in Australia where I think they want you to go through a reseller] or through a reseller/distributor.

When you call MS volume licesning, have your agreement and authorization numbers handy off the eopen web site.  For those folks like me on the three year software assurance [where we get the software updates automagically] we can’t go through MS volume license fulfillment, we have to go through our reseller/distributor.  Only the two year SA folks can go through the MS volume license fulfillment. [don’t worry… whatever headache you are starting to get… Eric Ligman and the gang can sort you out on the Mssmallbiz community]

OEM folks.. well.. fortunately if you buy a Dell server now, you are getting SP1’d OEM media.

If you happen to be the proud owner of an Exchange 5.5 mail system…come a little closer…




You heard me.  According to this there are 400,000 of you guys in the small to medium space and you need to MOVE off that old platform.  It served it’s purpose but it’s now time to send it to the server heaven in the sky.

I understand how hard it is to migrate. Trust me.  My Thanksgiving dinner this year was a frozen food meal because that’s when I chose to migrate the servers at my office.  But “I” was migrating from 2000 to 2003.  If you are on 5.5.. you are sooooo overdue for upgrading it’s not funny.  Exchange 5.5 was built in the 90’s and just has served it’s purpose.  Furthermore, I would argue… if you don’t upgrade to Exchange 2003 you are soooooo missing out on the cool stuff in mail it’s not funny.

Someone on a listserve said that Exchange was overkill for a 4 user firm.  No way.  I have two users at home…well three if you count the Dog…and we use Exchange.  Granted it’s pop accounts and what not…but I just helped someone set up a SBS at home with dynamic IP and they are running full SMTP with a dynamic DNS account.  Javier has a post about migrating from POP to SMTP but the info is the same for setting up SMTP from the get-go.

Let me give you another piece of sage advice… not only can we move in an SBS 2003 server that has the same domain name as the old system [and thus not messin’ with the desktops] using a method that many consultants use, we now have guidance to move a SBS 2003 into an existing domain, and … as a result of Jeff’s, he now has a building database of consultants that are SBS “Swing” Migration specialists that can help.

Now once you have SBS 2003 and thusly Exchange 2003, you then get all the cool stuff like the Phone that syncs with the server automagically.  Cant’ do that with Exchange 5.5, can you?  Not to mention it has also all that cool stuff like Tarpit.  Dell servers right now are indeed selling with the slipstreamed SP1 so that is pre-enabled.

It’s time.

They’ve served their purpose.


Piracy-check mandatory for Windows add-ons


If you Windows Update or Microsoft Update manually these days, you need to download the Genuine Advantage file ‘before’ getting updates. 


I checked and Shavlik [and I presume other patch programs don’t need to either] have to have this on your boxes to get patches from Shavlik.  Good.  Mess with my patching tool and my way to keep my network secure and I’d be a bit concerned.


Description of the Windows Genuine Advantage program;en-us;892130


From the FAQs


Q: Do all Windows users need to validate, or is validation limited to particular versions of Windows?

A: Validation is required for all genuine Windows downloads on Microsoft Download Center and the Windows Update service for users of Windows XP and Windows 2000 (client, not server). Security updates are accessible to all users via Automatic Updates. Genuine Windows downloads are available, without validation, to customers running Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003, and Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3. Genuine Windows downloads are not available for older versions of Windows (Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 2 and earlier), and non-Microsoft operating systems.  


Q: Do security updates require validation?

A: Security updates are not part of WGA. Security updates can be installed using the Windows XP Automatic Updates feature, or downloaded from the Download Center

And according to this.. it’s already been ‘cracked‘.  Nice.  Bottom line folks.. buy legal software and the rest of us won’t have to suffer through this kind of stuff, okay?


So the partner in my office went to make changes to his address book and then got out the usb cable to syncronize the phone.  But wait.. we don’t need any cables.  The cool thing about the Audiovox 5660 phone [aka the phone] is that once it’s set up, it not only will automagically sync up, but with a mere rocker bar you can scroll to the sync button and manually sync it.

Just like Pinocchio, we don’t need any cables anymore to make the sync connection.  And now that I know the steps, I told another in the office that it would be way much easier setting up the next one if they wanted to update their phones.  The partner said he was going to take it to a meeting on Monday and show it to the Attorney who was using a Blackberry.  He said that he was in a conference the other day and they needed to make a conference call and they just used the Attorney’s cell phone speakerphone ability.  It was that good.  We both agreed that we really like the size of the Audiovox.  It was smaller than his old clunky Nokia and then way way smaller than the Blackberry.  Granted the advantage that the Blackberry has is a slightly larger keyboard for email…but I’m a gal who always says “pick your tool“.  If you need to email ‘that’ much …take a tablet pc along with a wireless aircard.

This blog post mentions that in the UK they have an offer for a free trial to some executives.  Check it out.  Even they know the power of the “WOW” method of selling.  No marketing.. no glossy ads… just showing someone it works.

It’s not that long ago that I had a brick of a cell phone and now the partner has Outlook and Internet in his pocket.  Keep in mind that I’ve only enabled OMA and haven’t opened up any additional ports to my network.  Look how much more efficient I’ve just made someone in the office with an investment of about US$200.

I’d even strongly recommend that you consultants pick up this phone [or a Windows Mobile Smart Phone Device like it].  Remember the marketing method used to sell it to us?  It [or something like it] was seen in use.  When you use it in front of your clients… you will sell it…and if they don’t have a SBS 2003 network … well you just might sell one of those too.