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Need the tool to uninstall Norton?

Need the link to uninstall Norton… REALLY uninstall it? Here it is.

So Quickbooks REALLY needs admin?

Got a call tonight about having Quickbooks go on a Terminal server and first off I should state… this is not supported by QB.  You are ‘supposed’ to buy QB Enterprise… that said..there’s a link about QB on TS.  Remember to get Quickbooks to run without local admin or power user rights on the local XP […]

It’s not too late for SMBnation

So you’ve put it off haven’t you? And now you know you should be there.  You HAVE to be there.  YOU MUST BE THERE.  There at SMBnation in Redmond. Mothership Redmond.  September 9th to 11th.  And now the Marriott Redmond Town Center and the Residence Inn are sold out.  So now what? Well, there are other […]

If the worst occurs?

My city is about the same size as New Orleans.  And what if every man, woman, child, animal was ordered to leave. Unbelievable… and think of all the SBSers in the area that are facing just that. Gulf SMBs Flirting with Disaster: Uh…That’s us folks…we’re SMBs out here too. Some links for disaster recovery.. [not […]

More on why we want .local, .lan, .bozo, .whocares but not .com, .net or .org

Read this KB Quoted from there: The following list describes some of the advantages when you use a separate and private domain name for the local Small Business Server network:   The management of the local namespace is controlled by the Small Business Server Server. When you use a private FQDN for local DNS name […]

Part two of Dr. Tom meets SBS [and I have some comments]

Split DNS and DNS forwarding… if there’s something that I will go on record as disagreeing with Dr. Tom [Mr. ISA Server] Shinder on is these two items. In part two of Dr. Tom meets SBS, he talks about both.  And while I respect his passion and belief in these topics [lord only knows I'm […]

Do Domain Admins have to have access to EVERYTHING?

From the mailbag today comes a question about Sharepoint security…. We discovered that a domain administrator has access to all sharepoint sites created on an SBS server.  The issue here is when the execs in the company want to create a site to discuss business, financials, HR, etc., they probably need a domain admin to […]

Ray-Ism: Where’s my ConnectComputer?

So from the mailbag tonight comes a question about getting workstations to work via RWW but it appears that the setup may be a bit more horked than that.  When the person goes to /connectcomputer it says “Page cannot be displayed”. So googling around… I came across “Ray THE MAN Fong” postings… Ah Ray… who […]


Overheard by an SBSer at a T2 presentation. “ “It’s AWFUL! It rebooted all of a clients machines in the middle of the workday, including the SERVERS.” ” Uh…folks… you SET the timing of the reboot, or you can let the end user manually download.  You ‘chose’ it to reboot in the settings that you selected.  Read […]

SBA on SBS [the unsupported instructions to get the datafile ON the network]

So you build a Small Business Accounting Program and you call it a multi user version…and then you don’t install it on SBS in such a way so that the msde datafile is ‘on’ the server, but rather on a desktop inside the office. Okay ….lemme get this straight… why does EVERYONE see the word […]