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I want an RSS feed and I don’t think I’m the only one

On a couple of listserves, WSUS, and Focus on MS, I’ve seen some folks talk about how their first indication that Office 2003 sp2 was when their workstations popped up with a “you have patches to install” icon. Hands down the Security folks have the SDcubed +C nailed.. Secure by Design, Secure by Default, Secure […]

Hey check this out!

There’s a SBA [small business accounting 2006] blog!

Small Business Accounting 2006 fixes the “suckage” problem

One of the things that I said needed fixing in SBA 2006 now is fixed… Suckage.  SBA needed to…had to… pull over ALL transactions from Quickbooks.  The original version did not.  They’ve just relased the update to allow the software to be 100% pull of transactions from Quickbooks to SBA. This download provides the update […]

I have a yellow Shield on my laptop today [Office 2003 sp2]

And since this is my laptop, and I’m on the road, I’m probably going to say “wait” and install later.  Office 2003 Service Pack 2 provides the latest updates to Microsoft Office 2003. Now I should ‘fess up …and fix up…the fact that I was running … oh sorry Dana…. Local admin again because I […]

Sharepoint SP2 – revisited

From the mailbag today… For what it’s worth, the KB announcing WSS SP2 does NOT include SBS2003 in the ‘Supported Operating Systems’ list and when I ran MU on my SBS box, WSS SP2 did NOT show up in the list of available updates. Then again, SP1 does not explicitly specify SBS, either. Still… based […]


I got a ping today and in the email this was included…. “My biggest concern is that the last 3 calls to Microsoft’s Business Down Critical Support have yielded no help whatsoever and the communication issues have been a huge issue as well.  Our techs don’t even want to call support any more as a […]

Are you a Small Business Specialist member?

If you are… boy do we have an offer for you!  Level Platforms and Microsoft has teamed up with a cool offer!! Check it out!

Looking for the Bkrunner.exe script that was mentioned in the blog

Steve Foster did the [hack] fix for the backup script and the link is specifically here. You need to sign up for the and log in and set up a profile and download the adjusted script/hack there.  

Windows Sharepoint Services sp2 released

Bill reminds us that Windows Sharepoint Services sp2 has been released. Now, keep in mind that ANY service pack for our parts is perfectly fine to put on a SBS box, but I personally am not at home and I won’t be testing this yet.  We do have some special customizations for Sharepoint, so if […]

Geek train trip status report

Met a lovely Austrailian couple on their way to see their daughter in Canada. Met Ben’s mother [fellow MVP] Met a husband and wife from the states tonight, and each time I’m sure bored them with geek talk of “Patch Tuesday.  But that’s six folks that now know that second Tuesday of the month they […]