I want an RSS feed and I don’t think I’m the only one

On a couple of listserves, WSUS, and Focus on MS, I’ve seen some folks talk about how their first indication that Office 2003 sp2 was when their workstations popped up with a “you have patches to install” icon.

Hands down the Security folks have the SDcubed +C nailed.. Secure by Design, Secure by Default, Secure by deployment and Communication…. the Security patches are communicated to us ahead of time, we know what code is installing on our box.

But if you want us admins to ‘trust’ enabling autoupdate on our workstations, you HAVE to inform us that you are going to be releasing Serivce Packs that will be coming down on Microsoft. Update.  Yes,  I know it’s not a security bulletin and thus not your communication responsibility, but go wack the team upside the head in Service Packs that should be communicating better.

If you want me to enable auto updates, then let me know what’s coming down on my box.  I should not use the “updates are being downloaded icon” to be my communication vehicle for such things. 

Gentlemen, I want an RSS feed of any bits that hit my machines.  As an admin, I’ve been asking for a email notification for Security patches for many years now.  I’ve upgraded my request… these days I want an RSS feed.  But the bottom line is, I’m not the only one who was blindsided by that SP coming out.  And as I’m the controller of my network at the office, I don’t want to have to use my Laptop where the AU is enabled to be my “what new code is going to be offered to me indicator”.

Hey check this out!

There’s a SBA [small business accounting 2006] blog!


Small Business Accounting 2006 fixes the “suckage” problem

One of the things that I said needed fixing in SBA 2006 now is fixed… Suckage.  SBA needed to…had to… pull over ALL transactions from Quickbooks.  The original version did not.  They’ve just relased the update to allow the software to be 100% pull of transactions from Quickbooks to SBA.

This download provides the update to Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 to enable import of transactions from Intuit QuickBooks.

Someone said that it wasn’t CPAs that would drive SBA…but rather the customers.  So true… your customer will buy it and you’ll need to learn it.  I’d sign up for the MPAN program to get a head start..

I have a yellow Shield on my laptop today [Office 2003 sp2]

And since this is my laptop, and I’m on the road, I’m probably going to say “wait” and install later.

 Office 2003 Service Pack 2 provides the latest updates to Microsoft Office 2003.

Now I should ‘fess up …and fix up…the fact that I was running … oh sorry Dana…. Local admin again because I was needing to adjust network connections so Steve and I could share my Aircard connection on the road.  And the RunAs just wasn’t working.  We wonder if it was because I have a blank admin passoword.  Now why would I do that you say?  For one…. I put this laptop in my backpack and it goes with me everywhere so I ensure I have physical security of it, secondly a blank admin password means that the Admin account cannot be accessed over the Network.

So Dana… I’m flipping myself back to restricted user since today is registration day at the Summit.

Sharepoint SP2 – revisited

From the mailbag today…

For what it’s worth, the KB announcing WSS SP2 does NOT include SBS2003 in the ‘Supported Operating Systems’ list and when I ran MU on my SBS box, WSS SP2 did NOT show up in the list of available updates. Then again, SP1 does not explicitly specify SBS, either. Still… based on that, SP2 is not getting installed until a SBSized version shows up, or until many other people have successful installs!


First off… you won’t find ‘generic’ service packs that explicity say they support SBS when we are just merely the sum of our parts.  If you are expecting any patch for Windows 2003 to say “SBS”, you will have a long wait.  Any patch/;service pack that goes on ‘normal’ Windows 2003 goes on SBS.  Flat out don’t expect a KB or patch to explicitly state SBS unless it’s “ONLY” for SBS.


Next, I’ll have to check the MU on my own box, but you ‘can’ install it manually you know.  We will be installing it later on our own machines.


Lastly, the SBS Dev team pinged us today in fact that this patch has been tested and approved on SBS boxes. 


Bottom line, unless EXPLICITLY stated in the KB that it  ‘can’t’ go on SBS, it’s approved on our boxes.


Update… got a ping that this Sharepoint SP2 “will’ be on MU/WU …just a bit later on.  It just happens to be only on the download site for the time being.  So, for now it’s on the Download center but will be on the WU/MU in the future.


Again, this IS fully supported on SBS boxes.


I got a ping today and in the email this was included….

“My biggest concern is that the last 3 calls to Microsoft’s Business Down Critical Support have yielded no help whatsoever and the communication issues have been a huge issue as well.  Our techs don’t even want to call support any more as a result, and I want to pass this concern on to someone who can make sure it is heard”

Ouch… that hurts…and something that is a real shame to hear…. if you don’t like what you are seeing give feedback… it’s the only way things will change and get better.

Are you a Small Business Specialist member?

If you are… boy do we have an offer for you!  Level Platforms and Microsoft has teamed up with a cool offer!!

Check it out!

Looking for the Bkrunner.exe script that was mentioned in the blog

Steve Foster did the [hack] fix for the backup script and the link is specifically here.

You need to sign up for the sbs2k-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and log in and set up a profile and download the adjusted script/hack there.


Windows Sharepoint Services sp2 released

Bill reminds us that Windows Sharepoint Services sp2 has been released.

Now, keep in mind that ANY service pack for our parts is perfectly fine to put on a SBS box, but I personally am not at home and I won’t be testing this yet. 

We do have some special customizations for Sharepoint, so if you’d rather one of us crazies in the newsgroup installed it first, triple checked to ensure that there are no issues with this SP2 on our SBS boxes, I would say you are a wise person.

Installing patches on SBS boxes is only fun for me the wacko SBS patcher.  It’s really NOT fun at all if a patch affects the system,even if it’s a minor annoyance.  It breaks the confidence of the client in your ability to be their outsourced CIO.  I know many consultants who, if they are traveling, or busy with other projects will wait on service packs like this Service pack.

If you’ve set up WSUS to pull down service packs and auto apply them, you are indeed a ‘bleeding edger’.  Just remember that those of us who are more into control, we don’t set up our servers to auto patch anything.

P.S.  I have no idea what will happen if you install Sharepoint SP2 and then attempt to install the SBS 2003 sp1 bundle.


Geek train trip status report

Met a lovely Austrailian couple on their way to see their daughter in Canada.

Met Ben’s mother [fellow MVP]

Met a husband and wife from the states tonight, and each time I’m sure bored them with geek talk of “Patch Tuesday.  But that’s six folks that now know that second Tuesday of the month they should expect a patch from Microsoft.

Talking with travelers it reminds me that it does need to get eaiser to operate a computer… it’s still way too geeky.