My soapbox

Brian Tankersley today talks about my soapbox issue. 

User rights.

I’m tired of the major accounting vendors setting such an horrible example of security.  We should be ashamed that our major accounting applications, the backbone our of financial records do this to us.  That they weaken our desktops so much as to introduce risk.

Dr. Jesper Johansson today talks about the story in his book where someone had administrator rights on their machines and one person did not.  One had a mess.  One did not.

Eweek did a study and ‘found no persistent malware showed up on the system where the user was not an administrator’.

In the year 2006, that a major business accounting application can still code insecurely and be a top seller means that “we” the marketplace does not care. It’s only when we do that things will happen.

So about that Thunderbird

There goes my mail again….  since my Netscape days at least once or twice a year there goes my Thunderbird and I have to reinstall it and set up a new database.

The annoying part of using an alternative place for my junky email account is that it blows up on a predictable basis.  Yeah yeah…. I should dump it into Exchange and pull it through the server…but it’s just easier for me to dump this junky email account [which is not my business account] and keep all this risk outside of my server.  But in doing so I risk the integrity of a standalone mailbox database that just can’t handle data integrity.

Boy if this would happen at the office with the firm email..the gang would kill me…but I accept it as being just the way it is.

Bottom line, I’ve assigned a risk level to this email that if the database blows I just build another one.  That’s not what I do for the firm.  So the resources and risks that I will accept to the firm email are vastly different than what I do


Did you know that Windows 2000 is no longer mainstream?

 Windows 2000 is technically out of “mainstream” and into “extended” support as of June 30, 2005.

Microsoft Support Lifecycle:

Got any SBS 2000’s out there?  You know… I’m sorry…but good enough isn’t these days.  Now granted us SBSers are in a bit of a futurecast moment here.  SBS based on Longhorn will be 64 bit based.  So if you have a SBS 2000’er that is looking for the future remember our words of getting 64 bit stuff ready to go.  

Exchange 5.5 goes out of free hotfixes as of 12/31/2005.  Which since I ‘think’ that’s the last supported part of SBS 4.5….. I think it just might be getting really really wheezy about now.

If you have any SBS 4.5 boxes…they are majorly on life support now….

Only 6

I was at yesterday’s TS2 presentation and only 6 people in attendance were using WSUS.  Remember SBS 2003 in the R2 era will have WSUS inside the box.

Now I will still honestly tell you I vastly prefer Shavlik’s push, patch, done versus WSUS’s setup, tinker, approve, review reports….but gang… you need to download WSUS on your own systems and start playing with it now. 

To me WSUS isn’t just a patching program, this is risk management for that firm.  And if you are not helping that firm deploy patches, service packs…why not?\

Want to stay safe and secure?  You patch.  To me it’s just a natural part of the computing process.  And as long as I’ve built in the processes to ensure I have a easy way to recover on the rare remote chance something might occur, patching is not an issue.

Today in the newsgroup someone said “I have an old backup”…I’m sorry but with USB harddrives as cheap as they are, given that you can hang one off a shared drive off a workstation, you have NO excuse not to have a backup.  As easy as the SBS wizard is…..shame on you for not doing what you can to protect your business.  You have a responsibility to yourself, your family, your employees families this Christmas time to keep your business operational.

Patching and Backups.  Two EASY ways to keep yourself in business.

Got Mac’s? Got SBS? No Problem!

We’re pleased to announce the first of several webcasts dealing with integrating the Macintosh into an SBS environment. On Thursday, December 8, join me for a session that discusses basic Macintosh networking, accessingfile shares on an SBS server, and interacting with the SBS web services from the Macintosh. If you’ve never had a chance to work with Mac OS, or if you’re still a little rusty finding your way around, this is an opportunity for you to see the Mac in action, not just in screenshots. The session will feature severallive demos as part of the presentation. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to post questions during the session and have them addressed at the end. There will be two sessions on December 8th. One at 8am EST for those of you “across the pond,” and another at 1pm EST for those of us stateside. Atleast one of the sessions will be recorded for playback later if you cannot attend either session in real-time.


Here are the meeting-specific invitations:


Thursday December 8, 8am EST (1pm GMT)

  Subject: Integrating Macintosh into SBS (early session)

  Meeting URL:

  Meeting ID: 2QHCXQ

  Meeting Key: WpM3&:G

  Role: Attendee



Thursday December 8, 1pm EST


  Subject: Integrating Macintosh into SBS (later session)

  Meeting URL:

  Meeting ID: 2Q2DHH

  Meeting Key: g:z6N.d

  Role: Attendee


This meeting will broadcast internet audio directly to your computer.

Please ensure that you have Windows Media Player 9 or higher installed.


FIRST TIME USERS: Install the Windows-based Meeting Console before your


Who knew my Gov’nor had a computer?

This will all make sense after you listen to the SBSShow this week.

Just don’t be drinking Mountain Dew…….you’ll get it all over your Ipod…

Man if you aren’t a partner after this….

So I met Stephen today… Stephen Cracknell at the local TS2 presentation.  And at the end of the four hours, after all the offers, links, invitations to email him, to cc’ him, to ensure we gave him feedback, I think the about the only thing he didn’t do was invite us over to his house for Christmas Dinner.

You know you get out of things what you put into it.  And there’s a lot of offerings out there [yes, many of these have US only or are US centric but yo… I live in the USA so cut me a little slack, but do check with your local Microsoft office and community]

So what did the TS2 presentation go over?

But do you get it that all of this stuff starts with YOU becoming a Microsoft partner and better yet YOU becoming a Small Business Specialist?

Antispyware gets an update

Microsoft Antispyware gets an extension of time so you should start seeing this pop up in your systems…..

The “Business suit” of Tech

Want to look like IT is your profession?  Your business? 

Get a shirt.

Not just any shirt…but a logo on your shirt. Polo shirt, button down shirt, but stick a logo on there.  How do you do that? 


  1. Get a logo designed.  Locally or online, you can get one done easily.

  2. Get shirts made.  Again, locally at a embroidery shop or online at LandsEnd’s business outfitters, it costs about $75 or so to get the logo ‘digitized’.

  3. Use that logo EVERYWHERE.  Set up a store and get sweatshirts and mugs made.

  4. Make business cards with that logo.  Go to and get them made.

Bottom line, when I’m out and about and I see folks with a little logo on their polo shirt?  To me it just stamps that you mean business.  This is your profession, it’s not your hobby.  You mean business. 

Back when I was in college, there was a “how to dress for success” book.  And it said you always dressed for the position you wanted to end up in.  When I see a person in a  “business suit of Tech” …also known as a Logo’d polo shirt…now maybe this is just me as a female….but I tend to consider that person more professional, more ready to take on my business when I see them ‘branded’.  Are you a MCP?  Get a MCP shirt.

I think it also affects how you act.  I know that if I’m in my “geek attire” I will act differently than I do when I’m in my CPA Business professional attire. 

I think in what you wear affects how you present yourself.  If your attire says “I’m a business too” you present yourself to that business owner.  You connect better.  I know that we have some clients that if the partner is going to meet one on one with them and they are in the profession of farming, for example, they will put the client at ease by going to their farms in jeans and boots themselves. 

I think dressing appropriately just states to that potential customer that you are ready for the job. 

And sometimes even “Code Monkeys“ is appropriate.

So what do I choose in WSUS

Amy asks if we should just choose the “Windows Small Business Server” now as our only WSUS option, and I’ll double check, but I think the answer is “no”.  It’s my understanding that the patches that come under that section are unique to SBS only patches.  We haven’t had one in a while, but it’s things like the POP connector patches or our Sharepoint only patch.

Stay tuned, I’ll let you know for sure though.