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Sam the SBS Server reviews the year

We interview Sam the SBS server who’s getting ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve with his network Q.  Hi Sam, how’s it going! A.  Not bad. Can’t complain, keeping a watch on things here, getting ready to celebrate the New Year. Q.  So this has been a big year for you hasn’t it? A.  Oh no […]

Getting good information

…so we’re in the car driving to Los Angeles and the radio DJ talks about an upcoming story on radio “A problem in Microsoft Windows?  Nahhhhhhhh” she says……. The chatter on SBS listserves today is one of disappointment.  This security issue points out the problem we have down here in SBSland.  The “test” problem.  For […]

Just a heads up the Security Advisory was updated

 *I have DEP enabled on my system, does this help mitigate the vulnerability?* Software based DEP does not mitigate the vulnerability. However, Hardware based DEP may work when enabled: please consult with your hardware manufacturer for more information on how to enable this and whether it can provide mitigation. ….so what am I going […]

Blogging will be a smidge light…

As I’m on my way to Disneyland for the New year….. Everyone have a happy and safe New Year!

You’d think I’d learn by now

HA! See that? That’s a Dell OEM with a Nvidia driver up in the “High Priority” patches. I do not do video drivers via Microsoft update just because I’ve had bad personal luck with them… but I never get a video driver up there in high priority on a box that I’ve flattened…yeah yeah… I […]

Oh let’s just rip out those dll’s shall we?

One of the suggestions I see on many of the Security sites are to unregister certain DLL’s to ensure that this WMF vulnerability can’t be exploited.  Now maybe it’s just me…but unregistering DLLs that break image, thumbnails and what not… and especially if I have to worry about registering those files and sticking them back […]

On the topic of paranoia today….

Since we’re in paranoid mode today…did you catch this statement in that NPR article?  “They can prepare to work from home, in case it becomes hazardous to be in contact with other people. “ Guess what we have inside every SBS 2003 box that is married with XP sp2 workstations?  The ability to easily work […]

WMF and blocking

As many have pointed out …the instructions for blocking ‘just’ the WMF extensions won’t protect me if the threat vector comes in via renamed files…. but I think folks are missing the point here.  NPR the other morning had a news report on the communication regarding the potential for a Bird Flu Pandemic.  They discussed […]

Blocking those WMF’s at the email border

Okay so even before I blocked the WMF’s via ISA server so that they are blocked while surfing…the first thing I did [because I knew easily how to do this] was to go into my antivirus program that protects my Exchange server and add WMF file extensions to be blocked at the server [in fact […]

So if you have ISA here are some things you can do

So…. let’s see….. we have a Zero Day WMF exploit nailing even fellow MVPs …. websites that nail you with malware so bad you have to flatten and rebuild….that merely visiting the web clicking…. will nail you…. and Trend [and most a/v companies] has the definition for this in there ‘beta’ def but not […]