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A beta release of IE 7 means….

Beta — When a beta becomes available to the general public it is often widely used by the technologically savvy and those familiar with previous versions as though it were the finished product Translation? You as the IT pro can start playing with it… you install it in clients? Uh…no. Spyware Sucks : Installation tips […]


Okay so why does this page link to this page…. but that page doesn’t have a link back to that page Just wonderin…..

Dear Live Communication Server people:

Dear LCS people….just saw this blog on the demise of Netmeeting in Vista and just wanted to remind you folks that I do love your Live Meeting server that allows me to have internal only messaging in my firm, allows me to track who’s in the office and who’s not and allows me to integrate […]

Know your marketplace?

Doing some research today on Small Businesses and some interesting links… “The lesson? To greatly increase your chance of success, find out as much as you can BEFORE you open your doors. Talk to people who run their own businesses, especially businesses similar to yours, and get a realistic understanding of the time, financial, […]

Feedback worth listening to

I was reading a post on the coding horror blog and the post about “good bugs versus bad bugs” reminded me of a company that seemingly takes feedback and does nothing with it.  No, I’m not talking about Microsoft here…but rather one of my LOB apps CCH.  They do something in their tax program that just […]

MyWife Malware

 This alert is to notify you of the release of Microsoft Security Advisory (904420). Microsoft wants to make customers aware of the Mywife mass mailing malware variant named Win32/Mywife.E@mm. The mass mailing malware tries to entice users through social engineering efforts into opening an attached file in an e-mail message. If the recipient opens the […]

Hey did you see this on Brian’s blog?

What do you get for the price of CPE but is more than CPE?  An offer from K2 for software and CPE! Forward this link to your CPAs that are your clients (and remind them to sign up for the MPAN program and get the action pack while you are at it) ….and if they just […]

A blog should not have email

The RSA Security Conference is coming up and if you remember last year’s conference Bill Gates made two announcments…. one was that IE 7 was going to be released for Windows XP and the second was that Antispyware was to be free to individuals.  It will be interesting to see what keynotes there are this […]

The ugly truth about small businesses and POP

There’s a group of small businesses that are small and paranoid.  Or paranoid and small.  But the point is they like two things.  Not having a server and they love POP accounts.  It’s funny because the official stance of the SBS var/vap community is that POP is a four letter word.  POP mail is worse […]

Poor man’s DFS

Need a way to share files?  I know that blogged about this’s a way to share folders between computers…and if this is the service/product I’m thinking of, someone is using this between a SBS box and a remote server. is the company but like Sean says…. choose a good password will ya?