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So how do I go from standard to premium for CRM 3.0?

I’ve been pinged a few times by folks looking at the CRM 3.0 SBE version wanting to know how to go from Standard to Premium.  They get the Premium CDrom package and want to know if they can go up to Premium without having to reinstall all over again. …and the answer is …”Well of […]

Today’s security advisory that was released

 ******************************************************************** Title: Microsoft Security Advisory Notification Issued: February 28, 2006 ******************************************************************** Security Advisories Updated or Released Today ============================================== * Security Advisory (912945)  - Title:    Non-Security Update for Internet Explorer  - Web site: Okay so read that…….. And this is a non security update that replaces a security update and will be replaced by a […]

Is leaving computers turned on a massive security risk?

There’s a thread going on listserve and according to some folks I am severely deficient in allowing my end users to leave their computers on. Because they say, when a system is turned on, it opens up a hole for intruders to drop things on those boxes. They only want the systems on when […]

Be careful what you ask for – Part Two:

Subtitled…. “Does Susan blog too much?” Earlier today I talked about the member of my SBS Partner group who said he was getting near information overload from all the various vendors and sources of Small Business Information.  My earlier post was asking us to brainstorm about the ways to make the various “official” web sites […]

Be careful what you ask for – Part One:

The other day in my SBS Partner group this topic came up…. Do we now have what we asked for …. And is it too much? It was about how before in SBSland there was a veritable waste land of information.  We shared because we found that when we relied on each other we learned […]

Dear Greg (and anyone else)

Dear Greg: When I asked you and others to look at the SBS R2 webcast I wanted you to look at it from a “new client” viewpoint.  When you say that “how can I sell this to my existing clients?” you are right.  This will be a hard sell. But I think all of the […]

Vista and LUA/UAP/UAC/whatever you want to call it

Okay so I was playing this morning with Vista where “admin” isn’t even really admin and to get yourself as a real admin you either have to tell the system “yes, I really want to do this” or you have to click on “Run As”. I have a concern though. I love it. But I […]

When dealing with technology, always leave yourself a backdoor

I was multi tasking a bit this weekend and the CTP build for Vista came out so I loaded that up last night as I went to bed in a dual boot manner.  So I’ve been flipping back and forth between Vista and XP when suddenly this evening the XP side of the world, dealing […]


You running Microsoft update?  You are?  Good. I want you to click, Start, Run and in the box type in windowsupdate.log and hit enter. Now scroll around that file… see what it is?  Is the history of your Security Updates. I’m stealing these from Robear… case you need any WU/MU info. How to troubleshoot Windows […]

Ah it’s a geek podcast Friday Night

Some girls go out on dates on Friday nights….. I have a date with the SBS Podcast gang: The Official SBS Support Blog : Inside SBS Episode #15 – The Transition Pack: And after that… I’m going to head on over to the TechNet Webcasts and try out their Podcast content: TechNet Webcast Weblog […]